#2 Best Web Designer in Singapore

Welcome to WillTan.com! I’m William Tan – self-proclaimed #2 Best Freelance Web Designer in Singapore … and some said JB and Batam too, lol.

#2 Best Freelance Web Designer in Singapore …

Web Developer Singapore

Why not claim to be #1 instead? Good question! That’s because there are bound to have better web developers and web designers around. So if they are really that good, let ’em resume the #1 position. Though they will be very very stress-out to match my 2nd best standard 😉

Ok ok, back to who I really am. I am, really and primarily, a web developer for more than a decade with over a hundred websites developed for clients and, of course, for my own projects.

I teach Electronics and Web Development too. I’m also a trainer in Internet Marketing, e-Business, and Web Development with a strong passion and forte in anything-in-web.

If you need any extra help on your website or web-stuff, feel free to shoot me a ticket at https://support.willtan.com and I’ll get back to you (usually) within 2-day.

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