Now Anyone Can Create Any (Type of) Site Literally in Just Minutes with Sites Machine

Sites Machine is launched on 12 May 2015. Finally, after 3-year of trial-n-error, testing, more testing and live commissioning, Sites Machine – a WordPress powered site creator on reliable and highly scalable cloud is borne.

So, what’s the rationale and key objective of Sites Machine? Well, it basically allows anyone to create any type of site in minutes. It could be a fully-featured e-commerce site, elegant corporate blog, versatile online directory portal, top-notch learning management system (LMS), professional mobile site, visually appealing landing page, world-class squeeze page – all these can be created and deployed live in just … minutes.

Sites Machine is also a fully managed WordPress site hosting with full domain mapping feature. You can easily map your own .com (or any other TLD) domain name to your site in Sites Machine and Sites Machine will literally become transparent. This way, you can fully own the site in Sites Machine.

It is integrated with tons of premium themes and plugins which will, otherwise, cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars which are all available free for members to use at no additional cost other than the low $60 per year (for 1 site) subscription.

Sites Machine basically eliminate all the technical difficulties and hurdles in site development to allow anyone to focus in maintaining and administering his/her own site and focus on his/her e-business. It also include Insider Training where one can learn how to create professional and effective site that not only rank high in search engine but also increasing site traffic – the lifeblood of all sites.

Members are also manually (as of now) enrolled as affiliates with a recurring 50% commission.

With Sites Machine, anyone can now create professional nice looking site in record time!