5 Steps To Taking Back Control Of Your Life

Life pulls us in some weird and wonderful directions, and losing sight of what is important is easy. We spend so much time trying to help and please other people that we lose control.

Take this control back! When life feels overwhelming, consider what you want out of life. Use some of these tips to identify how to start putting yourself first.

5 ways to take back control of your own life:

  1. Set aside time for yourself. The phrase ‘me time’ might sound cliché, but it’s incredibly important.
  • You may feel guilty if you don’t hang out with your friends, commit to every optional work function, or see family when they ask you to. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with setting aside time for yourself.
  • Only you know how your free time should be spent. You could take a bath, indulge in your favorite television show, or go for a walk.
  • Solitude can be peaceful and gives you time to gather your thoughts. Set aside time to do the things you love. Do them and enjoy them, guilt-free and happy.
  1. There’s nothing wrong with turning down an invitation.
  2. Occasionally, pushing yourself to do something out of your comfort zone can be rewarding. Equally, it can be just as fulfilling to turn down an invitation.
  • If you want to spend time on your own or don’t particularly want to attend an event you’ve been invited to, there is nothing wrong with politely rejecting the invitation.
  • Doing things for yourself will help clear your head and make you feel in control. You don’t always have to be available for people. Self-care is important; there’s no shame in not going somewhere because people have asked you to.
  1. Surround yourself with people who make you feel worthwhile.
  • Friends are the backbone of a happy life. You can thrive off each other’s company, but remember to choose your circle wisely. You should strive for friends that boost you up, make you feel happy and worthwhile, and take a real interest in your life.
  • If a friend consistently makes you anxious and miserable, sit down and talk to them. Make them aware that they are impacting your mental health. Confront friends who don’t make you happy. If you can sort out your differences, you’ll feel better.
  1. Get a job that fulfills and thrills you.
  2. Grab that career opportunity you’ve always dreamed of. Go online and find out how to change careers if you are incredibly unhappy.
  • We spend so much of our time at work, you should thoroughly enjoy it and feel in control. Sometimes, a career change is the best way forward. You should feel happy and supported and work; if you don’t, you may need to prioritize change!
  1. Be honest. If you struggle with something, be honest with the people around you. By expressing your feelings and emotions openly, you release much-suppressed anxiety and take control of your concerns.
  • Allow yourself to control negative emotions and concerns rather than letting them control you. If you share your feelings, you’ll instantly feel powerful.

Put simply, you can take back control of your life by being open and honest, putting yourself first sometimes, and pushing yourself to do the things you’ve always dreamed of doing. We only get one life, so we might as well take steps to be in control of how we live it!

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