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Top Skill Set To Acquire

Web Development

web development

Web development is a core skill set that is crucial for your online success. Even though you might be outsourcing web development for your corporate site, e-commerce store, blog or portal, you'd still need to know how to use, administer and maintain in.

App Development

app development

These days, there are more people accessing the web via their mobile devices as compared to desktop/laptop. Other than having your websites and eshops to be mobile responsive, you can have an extra edge leveraging on native Android, iOS or Windows apps.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Traffic is the lifeblood to any website. Learn how you can skyrocket the traffic to your site with the latest effective digital marketing techniques ie. SEO, PPC, FB ads, lead generation, email autoresponder, proper sales funnel setup, deep linking, data analytics etc.

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My Projects

Live Causeway Traffic

This is one of my most interesting projects resulting from my frequent weekend trips to Johore Bahru (JB). Before this project, I have used existing apps in the App Store and Google Play to check the causeway traffic before heading towards checkpoints. But the issue with existing apps is that they provide the traffic images that were difficult to judge the actual intensity of the traffic. Very often, I departed promptly after seeing light traffic at checkpoints. But the actual jam was just after what the traffic images captured. not only show the live Google map traffic intensity but also it snap shot the very instance of traffic cam images when your web/app pages load. It also categorised the traffic maps/images - Woodlands, Tuas, EDL and 2nd Link. The reason is simple, those already in Woodlands, for example, wouldn't be interested to see the traffic condition in Tuas. There are many more features in SgMyLIVE like live news, automobile-related directory, discounted items and eshop.

My #1 focus will be this learning portal where I'll create all my e-courses to share all that I know in a meticulously built learning management portal (LMS). Topics I will be covering here will be primarily web and app development related, tips, tricks and tutorials that make better websites and portals.

Previously, I sold my info-products and ebooks on separate domains. But I was thinking why not collating all my efforts and funnel into one LMS portal where I can cover all the related video courses and instructions on my infoproducts and services. A key advantage of this method is that a client/subscriber might get to know this learning portal because of one product/e-course and he/she will be also be awared to other e-courses and infoproducts that are also available there.

Smart LEARN Portal

Smart LEARN is one of my mega projects tapping into the multi-billion tuition/education industry in Singapore. This will be a rather long term and tedious project requiring meticulous planning and objective setting - currently, my initial plan is to focus on MOE's Primary (and Secondary, thereafter) syllabus. 

Built upon my extensive experience and successful applications of Learning Management System (LMS) and e-education technologies, Smart LEARN will be the managed e-learning portal that will be free for all teachers, tutors and trainers.

Smart LEARN will also be the parent portal for the handful of e-education tools that are now under development.

This is my core project in providing economical and effective web and app development for local businesses.

Powered by the largest elite team of professional and freelance web developers and webpreneurs in Singapore with key forte in web development having created dozens of dynamic and interactive websites tailored to user requirements at extremely competitive pricing.

If you're looking for a reliable and professional web development team to build your world-class standard corporate site, full-fledged e-commerce online shop or just a personal highly optimised blog, you're just a click away.

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