Five Fantasy Mobile App Ideas That May Just Become “The Next Big Thing”

Are you an app developer looking for the “Next Big Thing?” If so, you’ll find here five great mobile app ideas that would have millions of potential eager users. The problem? They don’t exist yet, and that’s where you come in!


1) Memorable Date Planner

A life-saving app for single men everywhere! The way this would work is this. You input how much money you have to spend on your date, and the app will make recommendations for where to go and what to do, based on a number of filters you can set.

You could tell it, for example, to search for locations within X miles from your home address, and toggle certain categories on/off (restaurants, theaters, parks, amusements, museums, etc). A perfect date planner on your smart phone!

2) “Shazam!” for Works of Art

If you’re not familiar with it, the app “Shazam!” identifies the artist and title of the song you’re listening to, but that basic functionality has so many other uses, none of which have been tapped into yet. Imagine being able to take a picture of a work of art and finding out who made it, when, and some interesting details about it. It’d be like having a round-the-clock museum tour guide with you!

3) “Shazam!” for Plants!

Is that a weed, or a useful plant? Will your kids or your pets get sick if they eat it? Can you pick it and put it in the garden salad you had planned for later on this evening? As above, building on the basic idea of “Shazam!” but applying the tech instead for plant identification, this app would be invaluable to millions!

4) Mall GPS

Like the GPS in your car, but specifically geared toward the nation’s shopping malls. No more racing frantically around looking for those mall directory signs. No more wasting time wandering and directionless. Using your phone’s GPS locator, it will automatically know which mall you’re in, and pull up the map of that mall.

You’ll be able to zoom in and out, program in what stores you want to go to and have the app organize them into a “trip” for you if you wanted, or simply set your own waypoints. Up to you!

5) Meal Planner and Shopping Assistant

A database that allows you to load the contents of your pantry and fridge. Based on the sum total of ingredients you have on hand, the Meal Planner portion of the app will recommend recipes for you to try. When you head to the grocery, the app will remind you of things you need to buy to replace what you’ve used from the pantry or fridge.

The beauty of all of the above is that there are apps on the market right now that point the way to these. We know that using currently available technology, these apps are possible. All that’s missing is an enterprising mobile app developer, which could be you, to lead us there.

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