How To Overcome The Back To Work “Blues”

Feeling a little down at the idea of going back to work is common. Even if you love your job,you probably would rather choose your own schedule and do whatever you like, without having to worry about answering to a boss or making an income.

If you’re constantly dreading your time at the office, this could be a sign your back to work “blues” are actually a symptom of a larger problem. You may want to consider whether a different role could make you happier.

On the other hand, if you’re just feeling a little downhearted about your return to work after vacation, don’t worry. You can overcome your negative mood and return to work in the right mind frame.

Plan Vacations Properly

If you know you suffer from back-to-work blues, take this into account when you’re planning your vacation. Rather than coming back from a trip and going straight back to the office, take an extra day’s leave so you can ease yourself back in.

Taking a Monday off the first week back at work means you don’t have to worry as much about immediately getting back into your regular routine. Instead, it feels like you’re giving yourself an easy weekto get back into the swing of things.

Prepare For Your Vacation

Sometimes, the biggest worry you have about going back to work is dealing with all the stressful issues that have been piling upwhile you were gone. If this is causing your back-to-work blues, consider taking extra steps to prepare.

Make sure you’ve done everything you can to tie up loose ends so you won’t have any drama to come back to. When you get back, take a brief glance at your email inbox and check your voicemail to see whether there’s anything you need to be aware of. This will help you to avoid nasty surprises on the first morning back at work.

Take It Slow

When you’re at work every day, you build up a rhythmwhich helps with efficiency and productivity. While away from the office, you may not be quite as “on the ball” as you were when you left. With that in mind, approach your workday as gently as you can.

Expect yourself to be a little slower than usual, and plan your schedule accordingly.

Try to not take on any particularly difficult tasks during the first week back at work. It’s also worth avoiding exhausting meetings during those first couple of days. Give yourself some time to catch up. You may want to tell people you’re unavailable for a little longer than you actually are.

Get Some Extra Help

If you’re in the position to do so, help your colleagues out as much as you can before you go on vacation. This way, you’ll feel more comfortable asking them for extra assistance when you’re finding your feet again.

Checking in with co-workers and maintaining a good rapport with them while you’re away will ensure they want to help you when you return. While you shouldn’t be piling tasks on top of others for weeks after you get back, it’s okay to ask for some extra help during those first couple of days.

Consider Making Some Changes

If you’re constantly dreading the return to work after a vacation, the problem could be something to do with your routine. Maybe you’re taking on more than you can handle and need to think about cutting back.

Perhaps there’s an aspect of your work day you hate that you may be able to change. Consider your routine and how you can alter it.

If there’s something particularly problematic about your role that’s bothering you, consider asking your boss what you can do differently. Maybe you just need to say “no” to more of those optional tasks.

Book More Time Off

Finally, one of the best ways to get over the post-vacation blues is to get excited about what comes next. While you might not be able to book your next vacation as soon as your feet hit the tarmac, you can at least do some brainstorming.

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