Is this my final todo App? BeforeSunset Review

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed and stressed trying to juggle all your daily tasks and responsibilities? Look no further because BeforeSunset AI is here to help.

This advanced AI personal assistant takes the guesswork out of planning your day and optimizes your time for maximum efficiency.

Using cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning, BeforeSunset AI understands your preferences and creates a personalized schedule just for you.

Whether you have work tasks, social events, or personal errands, BeforeSunset AI has got you covered. It takes factors like location, weather, and traffic into account to suggest the best time to complete each task.

This means you can say goodbye to the frustration of getting stuck in rush hour traffic or getting caught in a downpour. But what sets BeforeSunset AI apart from other personal assistants is its ability to learn and adapt to your changing needs. It evolves with you, making your life easier and more organized every day.

With BeforeSunset AI by your side, you can finally say hello to a stress-free and well-planned life. Don’t waste any more time trying to keep track of everything yourself, let BeforeSunset AI do the work for you.

I’ve tried tons of todo and productivity apps – Trello, Notion, Todoist, Anydo … (the list is way longer but it doesn’t matter as I’ve “forgotten” and not using them). But either they are too complex or they have a subscription that nibble the wallet.

Come to think about it – I’d only need a very SIMPLE todo app that allow me to enter the list “randomly”, ideally with a mobile app that syncs with the desktop version, and the ability to tag/categorise them easily.

My first impression about BeforeSunset AI todo app? SIMPLICITY – exactly the way I’d hope for!

It is, nevertheless, still in their very early stage – but looking at their roadmap and the responsiveness of the product team, BeforeSunset AI seems to be the (one of the best) todo app(s) in time to come!

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