Make Money With Udemy By Becoming A Full-Time e-Learning Instructor

Do you a have special skill?

Do you have knowledge you want to share?

Do you have a passion about learning or to teach?

Would you like to be paid for the above?

elearningIf you answered yes to any of the above sit back, relax, pour a cup of tea or coffee and read on as in the next few minutes you will learn how you can turn the skills and knowledge you have accumulated in your life and create a new career – that of an online e-learning instructor … at Udemy.

Udemy is an online Education website that allows people from all walks of life further their schooling and education without having to leaving the comfort of their own homes. They offer a wide range of topics such as:

Arts & Photography
Health & Fitness
Math & Science
Social Sciences
Crafts and Hobbies

Each of these topics is further broken down into subcategories like Programming, HTML and many others. Udemy has over 14,000 courses that a student can choose.

This is where you come in. You have a job and in that job, you acquired skill and knowledge of what you do day in day out. By becoming an Instructor, you can make money with Udemy by converting that knowledge and skill into an online course. How much? The average Udemy instructor is raking about $7K a month! What’s more, the course keeps earning money long after it is created; it’s a one-time effort with continuous returns. This means once you have created the course, anyone can take your class at Udemy. You will earn money every time a student chooses to enroll in your course.

The good news is you still have full ownership of the content you’ve created. If you bring student in to take the class you keep 100% of the tuition fees. If Udemy brings in the students you get 50% of the tuition fees. Udemy provides the tools you need to create a high quality course with these features:

An All-in one, free online training platform
Unlimited video uploads
Course design & development support
24X7 tech support and payment processing
World wide availability of you course
Discount coupon
Your own mobile app built in
Course management tools
Course tracking

The process for creating a course is simple as Udemy takes you through the process with four easy steps:

Step 1. Plan your course.
Step 2. Create your course’s Content.
Step 3. Publish your course.
Step 4. Promote your course.

You set the price of your course and Udemy has over 1,000,000 students already using the system, and with 2,000,000 visitors a month. You can build a substantial online teaching business for yourself even while you are working your current job. Instructors make between $10 and $30 per hour of course content. Most courses at Udemy are priced between $29 and $99.

Udemy also provides online resources for the instructor to learn how to use Udemy in the form of free courses and webinars with a 24X7 knowledge Base to answer any questions you might have. In addition, Udemy’s team of Education Support Specialists is there 24 hours a day to give you the support you need to make your course a complete success.

Now you can make money with Udemy and earn a second income or perhaps even become a full-time e-learning instructor at Udemy and maybe quit your day job. Don’t miss out this multi-billion online education pie.

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