Never Run Out of Creative Ideas Again

We all have the ability to create. We also have the ability to enhance our creativity. So even if you’re not the most creative person you know, you can change.

Creativity can help you find elegant solutions to the challenges you face in life. The ability to find a better solution is always a good thing to have at your disposal.

How to maximize your creativity and open your mind:

  1. Accept that criticism comes with creativity. The most creative people have to deal with a lot of criticism. The most revolutionary ideas are met with the most resistance. You can’t reach your maximum level of creativity if you’re worried about the opinions of others.
  2. Generate lots of ideas. Famous songwriters and comics often report having to write hundreds or songs or jokes just to find one good one. Be willing to brainstorm hundreds of ideas in hopes of uncovering one great idea.
  3. Practice. Choose an item in your house, like an empty paper towel tube, and make a list of every way that item could be used. Be willing to get a little weird and crazy. Take 5-10 minutes and do this exercise each day with a new item.
  4. Monotony can boost creativity. It’s not always easy to be creative when you’re giving it 100% of your effort. It’s also not easy to be creative while doing a complex task because your mind is too occupied. But, what if your mind is partially occupied?
    • Many people report getting their best ideas while bathing, walking at the park, mowing the grass, cleaning the house, or driving on the highway. These activities require some attention, but your creative wheels are still turning in the background. Exercising can be another good option
  5. Take breaks. Creativity, like focus, tends to wane over time. Regular breaks can rejuvenate your ability to be creative. Take a break every hour or so. Avoid becoming mentally fatigued during your creative sessions.
  6. Schedule creative time. You’ll never become proficient at playing the piano or meditating without consistent practice. Regular creativity sessions will build your ability to create. A few minutes each day can help significantly.
  7. Sleep on it. Napping has been shown to help with creative thinking. Work a regular nap into your schedule if possible. Do a little brainstorming before and after your nap. It will help to get your mind focused on the topic. Try this for a week and see if it works.
  8. Listen to music. Ten minutes of listening to a song that impacts your emotions can give you a creative spark. Experiment with different genres of music. Be sure to include classical. Mozart is considered the standard for boosting brain function.
  9. Change your surroundings. Have you ever noticed that your perspective changes a little when you get away from your familiar surroundings? Get out of the house and shake things up a little bit.
  10. Go to a coffee shop. A few studies have suggested that background noise can boost creativity. It’s a little like the earlier examples of doing something simple, like cleaning your house. Your brain is distracted enough to allow the ideas to flow.

What could you accomplish if you were a little more creative? How about a lot more creative? Most of us consider creativity to be one of those traits that you either have or you don’t.

However, it is a trainable skill. With practice, you can become very creative. Try the above tips and see what ideas come to you. You might become the most creative person you know.

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