Videos & Tutorials

The e-Biz Programme

The e-Biz Programme aims at providing one with the means to stay abreast of technological changes through leveraging on the power of Internet and new media to create e-businesses with the latest internet technological tools. You will acquire the essential knowledge of the various e-business models, best practices, legislation of e-business and acquire the necessary knowledge and competencies to build an e-business.

  1. Introduction to e-Biz Programme
  2. Business Conceptualization
  3. Failure & Success – Looking At Different Angles
  4. Creativity – You Are Born With It
  5. Business Fundamentals
  6. Business Registration & Legislation
  7. Company Incorporation
  8. Power of the Internet
  9. e-Biz Platforms & Payment
  10. Internet Security & Precautions
  11. Internet Marketing
  12. Monetization Methods
  13. Keyword Analysis & SEO
  14. Domain Name & Web Hosting
  15. Web Development
  16. Traffic Generation
  17. Business Accounting & Tools
  18. Green Technology
  19. Customer Services
  20. Internet Safety & Wellness
  21. Conclusion

Setting Up e-Commerce Site with WordPress

  1. Why WordPress?
  2. Adding the WooCommerce plugin
  3. WooCommerce Plugin Settings
  4. Adding Products

WordPress Video Tutorials :

  1. Create a WordPress Installation using cPanel’s Fantastico
  2. WordPress Dashboard
  3. Changing WordPress Admin Password
  4. Basic WordPress Setting (SEO Customization)
  5. Changing/uploading WordPress Theme
  6. Adding a New Post or Pages
  7. Posts vs Pages
  8. Adding an Image in Post/Page
  9. Embedding a YouTube Video in Post/Page
  10. Creating Hyperlinks in WordPress Post (or Page)
  11. Adding a new WordPress Plugin
  12. Adding a Blogroll Link
  13. Backup WordPress (WP Duplicator)
  14. Backup WordPress (Backup Buddy)
  15. WordPress Widgets
  16. Adding WordPress Navigation Menu
  17. WordPress Appearance Editor

Internet & Web Resources Video Tutorials :

  1. Domain Name Servers