17 Proven Ways To Make Money Online

The internet is home to millions of e-businesses and work-at-home moms and dads. It is one that allows one to start making money online with minimal startup capital and let your business run 24/7. Here are 17 proven ways to make money online :

Freelancing. Freelance jobs include: Writing, graphic design, web development and programming. This is one of the cheapest way to start making money online with no or little startup capital as you are leveraging on your own knowledge, skill sets and time.

Building content sites. Well-built websites that become authority sites with high traffic are good ways to make money online via advertising, affiliate marketing and/or selling your own products/services.

Mobile apps development. Other than web presence, all businesses need to grab a pie of the ever-growing mobile market with a mobile site or native app. Mobile apps/sites development has a huge money making potential with a flooding market demand.

Affiliate marketing. Refers to selling of other people’s products/services to a profitable niche market online. The best part is you do not need to take care of product delivery nor customer service. All you need to do is to promote online with your affiliate links.

Selling DIY arts and craft. Convert your hobbies – it could be DIY fashion accessories, artworks, handcrafts – into businesses. Nothing is better than making a living on what you like.

Website flipping. This refers to creating websites for the purpose of selling them at sites like Flippa etc.

Video marketing. Interesting video clips on video sharing sites like YouTube can help you earn money through AdSense and advertising your own products/services. Videos could give you millions of views and followers.

Paid online surveys. Just by providing your opinion on some products and services online, you can make money online. (May not work well if you’re outside of US).

Creation of a membership site. To individuals to gain membership, they need to pay you first. Membership site is a good model for creating recurring online income.

Blogging. A good blogger can join money making programs such as Pay-Per-Click and affiliate marketing.

Start an e-Biz. Create an e-store and starts selling products ie. that you import in. Or you can sell your products on well-known sites like Amazon and eBay.

Revenue sharing websites. These sites help you to make money online by writing articles which you are paid for.

Sell your images. If you are good with the camera, exploit your skill by selling your photos online.

Email marketing. The money is in the list. This is made easy if you have a huge (email) list. You can have a good online income by promoting affiliate products, usually with a good offer/discount, to a responsive list.

Publishing e-books. Sell your own e-books online. You can even publish hardcopy books with on-demand printing (ODP).

Bid for online projects. Bid for a project, once you win it, work on it and you get paid.

Sell graphics, templates and/or designs. Everyone wants to make things easier and other web users will pay for quality designs and templates.





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