5 Innovative Ways To Deliver News to Your Customers

One of the most exciting ways you can keep up with your customers is to deliver news to them regularly. When customers see content, it will instantly demonstrate to them that you are passionate about your business and you are easily reachable.

There are some fantastic ways to deliver exciting and enticing news to your customers. You can really get creative and make an impact, standing out from those around you.

Here are some unique and innovative ways to deliver news about your business.

Create a blog

A blog is a fantastic and creative way to deliver news to clients, customers, and people you want to reach out to.

  • You could work on a weekly blog to attract traffic to your website and show people exactly what you are up to.
  • A blog allows you to reach out to your customers and makes your business feel a bit friendlier and more approachable. A blog can also help you deliver all the important information in one, easy to read format.
  • You can also inject some warmth and humour into it.

Create video content

It’s important to be visible when you run a business. You need to show people that when they are parting with their hard earned money, they are giving it to someone trustworthy and reliable.

  • Consider creating regular video updates. You can create short, bitesize videos at regular intervals to update your customers on what is going on and potentially hint at some upcoming developments.
  • When creating a video, it is crucial to be consistent and stick to a regular timetable. Otherwise you risk losing your viewers.
  • If you offer a subscription service, dropping a video into an email may engage customers.

Create a podcast

Using a variety of different mediums to promote your business is a fantastic way to demonstrate innovation.

  • A podcast can be a great way to discuss a variety of topics, including topics around your business. You could even bring in guest speakers to talk about business and help inspire others.

Use social media

Update your social media accounts relating to your business with photos and videos.

  • Keep your social media followers engaged as much as you can. You can post regular updates with text, or with media to break up the text.
  • Users who follow you on social media platforms will appreciate regular updates, as they will feel it is worth subscribing to a business page where content is consistently added and updated.

Create a mailing list

Use technology to your advantage. Create a mailing list and get any potential customers to sign up for regular updates.

  • You can create emails at regular intervals. Update clients on your activity, provide value, and engage with your customers.
  • You can assure them that they will receive exclusive information if they sign for your email list. They will feel part of a community and they are more likely to engage with you.

Technology allows you to innovate and challenge standard forms of engagement. You can reach a wide variety of people regularly, keeping your business fresh and exciting.

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