TL;DR – The Millionaire Fastlane

Introduction to MJ Demarco’s The Millionaire Fastlane

  • If you’re tired of working long hours and saving all you can, this book may be the guide you need.
  • MJ DeMarco argues that the traditional path to wealth and financial success is a road to mediocrity and financial slavery, and instead advocates for the “Fastlane”, which involves entrepreneurship, innovation, and risk-taking.
  • MJ DeMarco teaches how to achieve financial freedom by starting a business and creating multiple passive income streams.

Differentiating between the “Slowlane” vs “Fastlane”

  • The Fastlane is a different approach to wealth creation that focuses on creating multiple streams of passive income, taking calculated risks and creating value in the marketplace – that’s how one can achieve financial independence and true wealth.

Wealth Is A Process, Not An End-Result

  • You cannot achieve wealth purely with luck, fame and talent. You need a roadmap, your vehicle, and the right roads to take to achieve financial freedom.
  • The Slowlane (wrongly) calls for the need to tolerate delayed gratification for better future returns. The Sidewalk Roadmap brings instant gratification, but comes with many long-term consequences, such as being vulnerable to external events like job cuts, recessions, and interest rate hikes.

Walk the Road to Wealth

  • Start a business that will satisfy a need and solve a problem, give you full control, can scale to millions of customers, and doesn’t rely on your time and energy.

Getting Into The Fastlane Via Internet

  • Internet-based enterprises have the ability to produce sales leads, utilize social media platforms, promote their offerings, proffer items and utilities, offer subscription programs, and shape material, all while expanding and automating operations to enhance income.

Avoid the pitfalls of conventional low-risk investments

  • DeMarco warns against traditional safe investments such as stocks, bonds, and real estate, saying they are slow to grow and unpredictable.
  • Instead of investing in stocks or bonds, consider investing in a profitable business. Don’t be too conservative with your investments, and be open to new and unconventional ways to invest your money.

Lifelong learning and Upskilling

  • In order to attain riches and freedom in terms of finances, it is necessary to possess the skill of generating worth in the business world. You can do this by learning new skills and acquiring knowledge, and by taking risks to create multiple streams of passive income.

Take Calculated Risks

  • Fastlaners comprehend that assuming risks is an indispensable aspect of obtaining affluence and economic autonomy. They may undertake the risks by initiating a company, funding in a new enterprise, or even altering their profession.
  • Identify your goals, create a plan, be prepared to adapt, take action, don’t fear failure, understand the potential consequences of your actions, continuously evaluate your risks, and make adjustments as needed to ensure you are taking calculated risks.

Invest in Business(es) to achieve Financial Freedom

  • Creating or investing in a business can pave the way for attaining financial prosperity. It provides an opportunity to generate several passive income streams and enables better management of one’s financial prospects.

Focus To Build Your Own Brand

  • To win in business, build a brand that people trust, admire, and love, and focus on one business rather than spreading yourself too thin by having multiple businesses that each earn relatively low amounts.
  • When starting a business, identify a profitable niche, find a high-probability business idea, think long term, provide value to your customers, continuously improve the business, stay resilient, and don’t give up easily.


  • The Millionaire Fastlane used Slowlane and the Fastlane to explain the two path to financial wealth. The Fastlane involves diversifying your income streams, thinking creatively about opportunities and taking calculated risks, and creating value in the marketplace.

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