5 Barriers To Working From Home

As the world continues to grow, change and evolve, it seems inevitable that working from home will become a standard part of business. Working from home offers a number of benefits. You can cut down on costs for your commute, save time, and enjoy a more flexible work-life balance.

With all of these pros, however, it’s important that we consider the potential downsides. Working from home does come with a range of barriers. By understanding them, we make them easier to overcome.


Interruptions are one of the main issues that arise when you’re trying to work from home – especially if other members of your household are sharing the same space. You may find yourself distracted by family members, pets, and even your belongings. Focusing on your work can be tricky.

Implement a system to let the family members know when it’s okay to interrupt you and when you cannot be disturbed. Also remove all temptations, such as televisions or game consoles, from the space that you’re working in.

Lack of Work/Life Balance

Another major issue that tends to arise when working from home is balancing your work and your home life. Your home is your office, and this can make it tricky to switch off.

Many workers find themselves working late into the night, and this can result in burnout and extra stress.

Set a clear timetable for the day, and make sure that there is a clear end point. Once you reach the end of your day, switch off your laptop, leave the room, and, where possible, close the door behind you until the next day.


While working from home means you don’t need to go into the office, it also means that you miss out on that all-important human interaction. Loneliness and isolation are major difficulties that can arise when you’re working from home.

Take time to connect with others face-to-face, and make sure you reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed or lonely.

Lack of Networking Opportunities

In a similar vein, working from home can exclude you from key opportunities to network and build your circle. This can be bad for your career, causing you to miss out on valuable connections.

Always make the most of the networking opportunities that are available, and remain polite and professional in every interaction.

Slipping Into Bad Health Habits

When working from home, it can be easy to slip into bad habits, including snacking and spending long periods of time sitting. This can lead to serious health problems down the line.

Make sure that you are getting daily exercise. Try a short walk during your lunch break, or a YouTube workout before you sit at your desk in the morning.

Final Thoughts

Understanding some of the issues that come with working from home can help you combat them more effectively and allow you to enjoy the benefits of remote working.

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