My Idol Girl, My Ideal Car, My Internet Business

Just saw this video The Truth About Buying a Lamborghini (How to REALLY Afford a Lamborghini) from Wholesale Ted :

Cool car! Pretty Sarah 😉 And a whole lot more on the mentality and potential of entrepreneurship. Go watch the video, seriously, if you’ve not done so!

Well, like what Sarah said in the video – I don’t think I’ll buy a Lamborghini or Ferrari or any supercar even if I’m filthy rich. I’m not joking. Don’t believe? Then give me a billion and I’ll prove to you that I’ll not buy one, lol.

Now get serious! Think again, will YOU go buy a supercar if you’ve millions? Why not? But why do you want to buy a depreciating “asset” like a supercar on finance instead of investing those money into good stocks and properties?

Yes, knowing myself very clearly, I WILL NOT buy a supercar (okay, my wifey will not allow me anyway, haha) even if I have the cash. I’d really rather invest them then splurging them on exponentially depreciating twin doored vehicle.

Anyway, my actual intention of showing you the above Sarah’s video is to encourage you to join the Wholesale Ted YouTube channel they are amongst the best channels for e-commerce and entrepreneurship that I’ve subscribed.

Aside Sarah’s being very cute ;), she is very knowledgeable and often give very good tips on running successful & effective e-stores. I’ve learnt a lot from their video series and I believe you’ll benefit from it too.



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