SEO – Is It Better To DIY or Outsource To An SEO Company?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is an essential step for any website or ebusiness. Is SEO important or is it a must? The answer is a big YES.

Just imagine you’ve a nice good business (be it online or offline) and you’ve a fantastic looking website … but know one about your business/website, just because you are no where to be found online via the search engine. These days, if your website is not ranking on page 1 of Google via your targeted keywords, the website is considered useless. As such, SEO – optimising your website for the search engine, become an essential strategy you must carry out to reap the benefits of the Internet. You ought to rank high in the search engine to get all the free generic search engine traffic and only with truckloads of visitors will you have chance to convert them to potential sales.

The question – is it better for you to perform SEO yourself or outsource to an SEO company for you? Answer : Both. Yes, while you’re outsourcing the SEO to reliable SEO company, learn to do it yourself along the way. The reason is simple. When you outsource your SEO or PPC (pay per click), it’ll cost you a lot as most SEO company out there are talking in 4 or 5-figure range ie. $10,000 a year. And they will promise to “put” you on page 1 of Google – can you trust them on that?

Does Your SEO Company Offer The Promised Quality? – TG Daily (blog) This is a really good question. Most people think that absolutely all the SEO companies do the same work so it does not really matter which one is hired. This is completely incorrect. In fact, most SEO firms are going to fail in the first months of …

Key tips when you engage an SEO company are :

1) Make sure you engage a reliable one – talk to them, ensure that the SEO company really know what they are doing

2) Don’t be afraid to let them know your budget; instead of the SEO company throwing their high dollar plans at you bundled with their heaven-and-earth promises, tell them straight what you can afford and let them devise one that suit your pocket. If not, they are going to burn a big hole in your pocket instead.

3) Let them explain to you what they are doing. Avoid getting awed at the technical terms they are throwing at you ie. PPC, Analytics, Pixel, CPA, CPC, SERP … the list goes on.

4) Do not commit yourself to ie. yearly plan just because they claimed its more economical and effective. In other words, don’t throw in too huge a lumpsum into SEO or PPC when you’re a new startup. is as dirty as ever – Search Engine Land As much as the SEO industry wants to grow up and shed the shady reputation it had in the past, it seems many don’t want to change and still cast a shadow over the industry. For every company doing things right, it seems there are many more who have not …


While it is true that you should focus on your business and let the SEO experts do theirs. But it is always beneficial for owner like you to know basic SEO stuff. For once, you can take over your PPC campaigns which you will have the luxury to control or scale up your budget. In the long run, nothing is better than you can handle SEO yourself.

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