How A Blog Can Help Your Business

Blogs are one of the most powerful digital marketing tools you can employ in your business.

They’re great at getting potential customers into your sales funnel, and they help your website to rank better on search engines like Google. 

Let’s break up the effectiveness and benefits of blogging for business into two separate categories, specifically SEO and content marketing. 


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means that your website is optimized with blog content to be found by users on search engines. This can be done through a variety of methods. 

  • Keywords and keyphrases can be incorporated into your website and blog copy. Typically, these keywords consist of words or phrases people on the internet commonly search for. 
  • When people search for these keywords, Google or other search engines will show your website to your intended audience, ranking you above other websites and allowing you to be seen. 
  • A blog allows you to add new keywords to your site through continually updated and unique content.  
  • This keeps your site fresh and easily seen on Google. In addition, it provides many opportunities to catch your leads while they search for topics related to your keywords. As a result, your website is more likely to be seen. 
  • Over time you can build a massive content library with thousands of keywords that pull traffic from search engines onto your website and into your sales funnel.

Content Marketing

The best SEO strategy is creating compelling content your audience notices and responds to. Keywords are essential, but your content should be engaging. 

Consider the audience you are writing for and aim to answer their questions and solve their problems.

There are four main issues often faced by people reading a blog:

  1. People are unaware they have a problem: If people aren’t aware there’s a problem, they won’t be interested in a solution. So we can’t help them if we don’t know what they want!
  2. They’re aware of their problem. Content should target people who are aware of their issues and want solutions. 
  3. They’re aware of a solution. With content marketing, you’re aiming to tell people what they need to do to solve problems. 
  4. They’re actively looking for a solution. Provide enough information to allow people to solve their problems. Positioning your offer to speed up and streamline the process makes you more enticing to potential clients.

Guidelines for Effective Posting Strategies:

Written content to be over 1,200 words long and contain one primary keyword phrase and several related keywords, also featured throughout the blog. 

For longer pillar posts, aim for over 3,000 words – this is one long form AI writer I’d highly recommended.

Pillar posts are comprehensive and function as more important content, like guides and instructional material. 

Aim to post a minimum of twice a month. Additionally, you’ll see a much healthier Return on Investment (ROI) if you post four or more times per month. 

Overall, blogs are an effective strategy for building your client base. Good content can bring in a lot of traffic. 

These ideas, coupled with a strong SEO strategy, will bring you an increase in site visitors in no time.

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