Using Custom Logo At Your WordPress Login Page To Enhance Your Online Branding

When you go to your WordPress login page, you’d see the default WordPress logo :

Now think about this, it’s your website, your e-business. Chances are, you have some sort of membership area for your members to log in.

Why is it still displaying the default WordPress logo at the login page? You ought to have your custom logo, your own branding.

The good news is that replacing the default WordPress logo with your own custom logo is easily accomplished just by using a plugin.

If you head over to wordpress.org/plugins and search “login logo”. You’ll see a handful of plugins :

Login Logo by Mark Jaquith – 60,000+ active installation

Custom Login Logo by Themeist – 9,000+ active installation

My WordPress Login Logo by Afsal Rahim – 10,000+ active installation

WP Custom Admin Login Page Logo by Lars Ortlepp – 10,000+ active installations

In our example here, we’ll use the Login Logo by Mark Jaquith. Why Login Logo?

– It has the highest amount of active installations – 60K+

– It has a high 50+ 5-star reviews

– This plugin requires no configuration at all

– You’ll have to drop your logo (named login-logo.png) file in /wp-content/ folder (to do this, you can access the File Manager in your cPanel

– Note that you should use a transparent background on the PNG image, crop it tightly (no padding pixels) and use a width of exactly 312 pixels for best results


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