An Even Better Online Graphic Editor – Photopea vs Pixlr

I was using Adobe Photoshop for most of my graphics editing needs some years ago.

But because I’m always toggling around several computers – my home’s desktop, corporate laptop and mostly my Macbook, plus I’m not in favour of incurring a monthly Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription, I’d look for good online graphic editor since.

And for years, I’m happy with Pixlr’s Editor :

Of course, to use Pixlr smoothly for image editing, it is recommended to have a nominally (fast) internet connection ie. fiber.

Nevertheless, I’ve recently stumbled upon another online image editor – Photopea – which on the first time using it, I’ve decided to ditch Pixlr (sorry Pixlr).

A huge advantage of Photopea (over Pixlr) is that it supports .PSD format (and many others).

Having got used to Photoshop – the best graphic editor; provided cost is not of a concern – I find that Photopea, especially its UI, is very close to Photoshop. Very intuitive and easy to use.

As like advanced graphic editor, Photopea supports Layers which is a must for graphic editing.

Speed wise, maybe I’d fell in love with Photopea on “first sight”, I feel that its an edge over Pixlr too.

So now, there is no need to waste local drive space to install standalone graphic editing application on desktop. Online image editing site like Photopea really provide the convenience of  web-based graphic editing.

Perhaps I’ll be creating a quick online course on the basic image editing skills required for web development … covering graphic editing skill sets like image resizing, cropping, layers, effects etc.

Meanwhile, if you’re like me, who want to enjoy the convenience and power of a free online image editor, head over to Photopea and give it a spin.

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