Do These 2 Simple Things To Increase Your Chance To Be A Successful e-Entrepreneur

Are you working your way to be a successful e-entrepreneur? If you have started your entrepreneurial venture quite some time ago, you will know by now that it is by no mean an easy task!

On our pursue to be that successful e-entrepreneur that we wanted to be, we will be bombarded by many interruptions and distractions that deviate us from our directions to reach our goals. Hold your horse. The question is – What Are Your Goals??

goalsThat’s right. The first thing (first) we have to do is to set our GOALS. Yeah, we have heard that – but have you? Are your goals SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and with timeline)? Do you have too many (or too little) goals or your goals are simply set just because you are supposed to do so – since everyone (should and) is doing it?

No no, the first tip which I’m going to share with you is not just GOAL SETTING. We are all very different; we set goals based on how we view the importance, urgency and perspectives of them. I have a list of mine – including (1) To reach 1-million traffic per month for by end 2015 (sub goal: mininum 3 posts weekly), (2) To exercise regularly (mininum 3 times a week), (3) Clear support tickets (daily) etc.

The first tip … are you ready? Drum roll … FRAME ‘EM UP! That’s right! Go out there, buy 2 nice A4-size (leather or wooden) picture frames and FRAME YOUR GOALS! (1 frame each for both desktops at home and in office)

Well, the idea of framing up your goals is not originated by me. I’m inspired when I come across this article – – it’s a Powerpoint with 1286 slides (cool USP; instead of writing a biography, why not create one of the largest/longest PowerPoint slides). I’m now going through the over a thousand slides … good read; you should see it too.

Back to “Frame Up Your Goals”, the rationale is easy to understand – the extra step you take in “framing up your goals” implies the commitment and determination that you’re more likely to take ACTIONS to achieve those goals – after all, you’re looking at ’em (your picture frames) all the time since they are on your desktop! That extra mile you take to “frame ’em up” are likely to turbo charge your chance to success.

The second tip is – you should have a SYSTEM (aka Save Yourself Some Time Effort & Money) to monitor and TAKE ACTIONS on these goals. And for this, I’d recommend Joe’s Goal ( – a free and simple goal creation and tracking web-based tool which is ideal in getting you into the habit of achieving your goals on a daily/continuous basis. Trust me, you do not need a humongous tool or app on goal tracking. Many times, SIMPLICITY is the way to go.

I’m quite sure if you start to do these 2 things – (1) Frame your Goals and (2) use Joe’s Goal (or similar alternatives) to keep track of your actions in achieving your goals, your chance of success (in achieving your goals) will be exponential increased.

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