Hello there, welcome to WillTan.com! Thank you for checkin’ out my About Me page.

My name is William and I am … hmmm … well, these days, we tend to resume a handful of roles but I would define myself primarily as a web strategist & developer with a strong passion and self-proclaimed forte 😉 in web technologies.

It all began in 2002 when one of my best buddies handed over to me the Insiders Secret to Marketing Your Business on the Internet CD-Folder (yeap, those were the days where we were using CDs) bundle from the Internet Marketing Center – the place to go for serious learning on how to market on the Internet at that time.

Fast forward to now, I have developed over a hundred websites for myself and my clients, including my first incorporated e-business ezFAX sometime back in 2004. ezFAX was the project that kick started me into thorough learning and implementation of search engine optimisation (SEO) and in just a couple of years, ezFAX attained #1 in SERP (search engine ranking position) and was the premier efax service provider in Singapore until it was sold in early 2015.

Other than being a web strategist, I’m also a senior lecturer-mentor and trainer in Electronics, Web Development, e-Business and Internet Marketing. Intrinsically, I’m an out-of-the-box idea incubator who frequently provide innovative solutions and strategies to e-businesses.

Here are some of my projects (I’m deeper into … not including those need-to-know-highly classified ones, lol) :

  • e-Course Development – check out the e-courses available here.
  • SgMyLIVE – my “weekends retirement” causeway traffic project; download the app here.
  • BiZSite – hassle-free managed web services for small businesses in Singapore..
  • SmartLearn – “state of the art” learning portal for tutors, teachers and trainers; work in progress.
  • MyCV – Create your simple and visually appealing resume here.
  • Singapore Stock [dot] Market – My (hobby) value investing site.
  • Internet Marketing – particularly e-commerce, social marketing, video marketing etc.

Yes, at this rate, I’m “enjoying” (or “suffering”, lol) from mental overload 🙂

If you need any help for your website, e-business or any web-related issues, feel free to shoot me a ticket at https://WillTan.com/support/ and I’ll get back to you in as soon as possible.

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P.S. Due to limited time, I can only work with a (very) small handful of serious solopreneurs. Hence, please contact me when you really have a concrete and feasible business plan! Only then can I help you to dominate your niche online!

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