The Ultimate Autoresponder List – Which One Should You Use

autoresponder list

The money is in the list!The Most Comprehensive Autoresponder List (33 and counting) …For all online websites or projects, one of the most critical tasks is to start building responsive email lists – the most important online asset of all businesses.I’ve started implementing autoresponder many years back, starting with Aweber which is one of the most […]

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Which CMS or Platform Are You Using For Your Website


There are quite a handful of CMS around for you to build your site or portal. The question is – which CMS will you use for your site? Of course, it will very much depend on the type of website or portal you’re trying to build. Or maybe you’re not using any existing CMS platform […]

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Learning Contents For LMS (Learning Management System)

I’m currently in my 2-week oversea training –  “Learning Contents for LMS” in SEAMEO VOCTECH Brunei. With 2 more days before the training officially ends, I must say this training trip is a fruitful one and an eye-opener for me.It is the first time I’ve experienced educators from the various SEA countries – Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Internet Marketing

internet marketing

In simple words, internet marketing is basically the process of promoting anything, such as products, services or your own brand, over the internet. Advertisements, development, design, sales, etc., all come under the category of internet marketing, also known as online marketing. Internet marketing is very important and highly important due to the fact that millions of […]

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Newbie’s Handbook on WordPress Development

web development

WordPress was once nothing more than a blogging system, but throughout the years, it has definitely evolved into a lot more than that due to the thousands of widgets, plugins and themes. Nowadays, WordPress is used as content management system that provides bloggers and developers with everything they need, all in one place. Why Choose […]

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Top 3 Web Development Tools in 2017

web development tool

Web designing and development is as easy as making perfect half-fried eggs, sunny-side up—which is to say that it’s really not as easy as it looks. Regardless of what most people believe, without the right guidance and tools, web development is anything but a piece of cake, and if you’re new to the technical world, […]

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Web Designing Tool Review : Canva

web designing tool

There is a variety of software and tools for the purpose of web designing and development when you create blogs, websites etc. This makes it very difficult to select and start using good one that will help increase your productivity.Nevertheless, there are software options that are continuously rising in popularity since making their debut. One […]

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What You Must Really Know About App Development Before Making Your First App

app development

With the continuously rising popularity of mobile phones, it’s no surprise that mobile app developers are constantly looking for better ways to make their apps stand out. Just one look at Apple’s AppStore or Google’s PlayStore will give you an idea of how vigorous the competition is in the world of app development. It takes […]

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My Xamarin Review – The Pros, Cons and Should You Be Using It

xamarin review

Xamarin Review – Use It or Avoid It Most people always look for the best cross-platform development software for mobile application development. This is the reason why Xamarin is popular. The initial cost savings for a cross-platform application is one of the reasons why people prefer Xamarin. But there is a lot you need to understand […]

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How I Turbo Google PageSpeed Test of From Grade D to B Within a Day

Improved Google Speed

Just last week, I’ve enhanced the Google PageSpeed test of from a poor grade D (64%) to a performance grade B (88%), literally within a day! Before : And within a day, here’s the after : That’s a Grade D at a rather low 64% to an enhanced Google Page Speed Performance grade B […]

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