Web Development Services To Restructure and Resume Mid Next Year

I’ve recently decommissioned premium.webservices.sg and “migrated” my web development and services to https://dev.willtan.com. In recent months, I’ve also sold some of my established websites and discontinued a handful of domains/projects. The main reason? To focus and funnel the projects to WillTan.com with my learning portal https://learn.willtan.com being the core project which I’ll devote most of my […]

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My Projects And Thoughts

Been busy with work lately and had not been posting. Finally, it’s time of the year that I can take a breather. Aside from racking my brain to come up with lengthy posts on specific subjects, I’ll occasionally sprinkle my posts with quick rants and buzz on thoughts running in-between my ears and projects I’m […]

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My Biased React Native Review – Good-bye Xamarin

React Native Review

Hello React Native, Good-bye Xamarin- Really? As a novice mobile app developer, our goal is to yield top-quality apps right from the get-go. This is why it is essential for us to use the right development tools and programming languages. I am always on the lookout for the most efficient mobile app development tools that […]

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PSD To WordPress Conversion – Get a Responsive and Interactive WordPress Site

PSD To WordPress Conversion – Get a Responsive and Interactive WordPress Site Whether you are a freelancer or a business owner, a website is an integral part of your success strategy. For consolidating a good position in online marketplace, you need an incredibly well designed website. Fortunately, WordPress, the power machine that drives more than […]

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How To HTTPS WordPress

How To HTTPS WordPress – Why It Is Essential To Secure Your WordPress Technology has reached up to a level where every person feels handicapped without the Internet. Internet has made our lives simple and convenient. But, it has also raised ample security concerns such as virus, phishing etc. It isn’t a safe area where […]

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Top 4 WordPress Visual Editor Plugins – Which One You Should Use!

Top 4 WordPress Visual Editor Plugins The online realm is congested with innumerable websites and blogs and so, designing your own “perfect” and visually appealing websites/blogs becomes a huge challenge. Fortunately, WordPress has smoothened the process with an extremely versatile content management platform to build your very own websites and blogs with ease. Moreover, an […]

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WordPress Trends You Need To Implement To Ensure Survivability

WordPress Trends You Need To Implement In 2017 Almost one-fourth of all the websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. The success of this powerful CMS can be attributed to the availability of hundreds and thousands of themes and plugins that extend the functionality of WordPress. Since, its initial release in 2003, WordPress has […]

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The Ultimate Autoresponder List – Which One Should You Use

autoresponder list

The money is in the list!The Most Comprehensive Autoresponder List (33 and counting) …For all online websites or projects, one of the most critical tasks is to start building responsive email lists – the most important online asset of all businesses.I’ve started implementing autoresponder many years back, starting with Aweber which is one of the most […]

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Which CMS or Platform Are You Using For Your Website


There are quite a handful of CMS around for you to build your site or portal. The question is – which CMS will you use for your site? Of course, it will very much depend on the type of website or portal you’re trying to build. Or maybe you’re not using any existing CMS platform […]

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Learning Contents For LMS (Learning Management System)

I’m currently in my 2-week oversea training –  “Learning Contents for LMS” in SEAMEO VOCTECH Brunei. With 2 more days before the training officially ends, I must say this training trip is a fruitful one and an eye-opener for me.It is the first time I’ve experienced educators from the various SEA countries – Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, […]

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