Clickbank Is Revamped & I’m Restarting My Affiliate Marketing Venture

Clickbank is revamped and revived indeed. And I’m restarting my Clickbank venture once again after quite many years.

Yes, Clickbank was the very first affiliate network that I joined when I first started my internet and affiliate marketing 2 decades back.

As a matter of fact, soon after I earned several of my Google AdSense cheques, the blue-coloured Clickbank cheques swiftly followed.

But then I joined the Warrior Forum and soon jumped over to JVZoo – the new kid (affiliate network) on the block. JVZoo somehow stole the affiliate marketing limelight from Clickbank with many affiliate marketers jumping ship – primarily due to its tight integration with Warrior Forum’s WSOs (Warrior Special Offers). 

Also, the UI/UX of Clickbank is starting to give the oldies vibes. Many of the info-products in Clickbank are getting “oldish” with big flashy yellow-highlighted headlines, coupled with tons of mosaic-blurred earning screenshots and testimonials. Many come with sales-videos right at the top of the long killer-pages showing you the big houses with swimming pools and fanciful sport cars of the info-product creators … can’t help but to doubt their veracity .. you get the point.

To be fair, many of the infoproducts in JVZoo also include those flamboyant sales pages. Just that Clickbank was beginning to lose steam in withholding its #1 affiliate network status. And due to work, I’ve not even revisited Clickbank for years!

Fast forward to now. Recently, I’ve started to receive emails from Clickbank. I must say these emails came at the right time as I am about to rekindle and restart my affiliate marketing venture – now with all the (new) web skill sets and internet marketing knowledge I’ve acquired over the decade.

Finally, I repeat – finally, I’m now looking at a whole new Clickbank! 

Clickbank now looks more polished and refined. Most importantly, it now also includes affiliate marketing education via <= though it’s only free for 1-month followed by a monthly subscription of USD47 (first time sign-ups get 50% off the 1st month). Anyway, I’m not a fan of subscription fees and a search in Google with “clickbank spark review” revealed that Spark’s got a fair-rating (only) review with most articles ending up recommending other affiliate programs.

The good news is, given my past experience and knowledge in affiliate marketing, think I can handle this restarting of Clickbank affiliate marketing with a good degree of confidence. 

And a plus point to this new Clickbank is its ​​ which includes Live Chat! I love Live chat. Why? Because this is the fastest way you can test if their support excels. So I go ahead to try out this Live Chat … errr, ahem, my first experience is a 1-star (out of 5). It started off with some bot queries – thought it was cool as it’s a nice way to use “AI” to streamline the chat to the right channel/personnel. The disappointment is that when the human support took over, there’s quite a wait-time for every message/query posted, and when there’s replies, the support over at the other side doesn’t seem to understand my question and all of a sudden, I was “kicked out” of the chat system and was redirected to their “knowledgebase” page … bummer.

Anyway, though I’ve started this post sharing my (re)-joining of Clickbank, the real intention is to restart my affiliate marketing venture. Hence, Clickbank is definitely not the only affiliate network I’ll be using. In fact, JVZoo is still my number 1 favourite when it comes to infoproducts affiliate marketing. Then comes Clickbank at number 2 and 3rd goes to

And one of the best resources which I used to keep track of the top internet marketing style products is <= it keeps track of the most recent launches (and mega launches) by top (super) affiliates. Affiliate marketing aside, just my going through all those launches, one can learn a great deal about sales funnel, how to create attention grabbing launch pages, new software/SaaS (for own project ideas etc.), pricing, sales pitch, payment gateway … and so on.

So, what are you waiting for? I’m sure affiliate marketing works. For a start, do join me in (the “new”) Clickbank and kickstart your journey in affiliate marketing.

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