Installing WordPress on XAMPP

Here’s how you install WordPress (on XAMPP).

1. Start XAMPP

– Go to your My Computer > C: drive > XAMPP directory and start xampp-control.exe.

– “Start” the Apache and MySQL modules in XAMPP. Make sure they are running with Apache and MySQL highlighted in green.

2. Prepare your WordPress folder

– Go to to download the latest WordPress ie.

– Unzip/extract the downloaded to your desktop.

– Rename the “wordpress” folder to your name ie. “myname(use lower case; no spacing)

– Copy/move the entire “myname” folder to C:\xampp\htdocs <– (Important)

– Double-click on the “myname” folder and you should see these WordPress directories and files :

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 1.43.37 pm

3. Setup Database for WordPress

Before continuing further, you will need to first prepare a database for your new WordPress installation.

– Start a new browser tab, go to 

– Click “User” tab > Add user > use the following settings :

Username : myname <– (this will be the username for the database)

Host : localhost

Password : password (Hint: For practice purpose, just use “password” as the password)

Check/tick “Create database with same name and grant all privileges

Check/tick “Grant all privileges on wildcard name (username)

Check/tick “Check All” for Global privileges

Click the “Go” button at bottom-right

Remarks : Depending on your version of XAMPP, you might not see the same steps outlined above. Just remember you need to create a database (named “myname”) and an user (also named “myname”) which has full priveleges/control of the database. Every new WordPress need a new database.

Now, the database for your WordPress installation.

4. Installing WordPress

– Go to

– Select “English (United States)” > Continue

– Fill in the database details which you have just created earlier then click “Submit”.

Fill in the following database details required :

Database Name : myname

User Name : myname

Password : password

Database Host : localhost

Table Prefix : wp_

  • Next, click “Run the install”.
  • Enter the WordPress installation details as below :

Site Title : My First WordPress

Username : user <– (use this common username so that you will not forget it)

Password : password <– (use this common password so that you will not forget it)

(Check/tick to confirm the use of “weak” password.)

Your E-mail :

Privacy : (Let the search engine know your site of course)

Click “Install WordPress”

That’s it. Congratulation! Your WordPress should have installed successfully.

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