Is AMBSDR By Chris Luck Worth It? A Critical Review Of AMBSDR Reviews

If you’re in a hurry to know whether Chris Luck’s AMBSDR (pronounced as Ambassador) is worth it, let me give you a quick SPOILER ALERT answer right away : NO! It’ not worth it. Skip, next.

No no, I’m not giving the above NO answer because I’m trying to use reverse psychology to lead you to read on.

In fact, I should let you know right now that I did NOT buy into this program and I’m not a member of AMBSDR. Then this question is mount to surface – How on earth am I even qualified to offer my above answer?!

Sorry, I played with words. Look carefully at my title again. It’s a “critical review of AMBSDR reviews” – meaning, it’s my own personal critical review (aka IMHO – in my humble opinion) of AMBSDR based primarily on the reviews, testimonials (we’ll take a close at these so-called testimonials) and scam rants of AMBSDR.

Okay, before going into my critical review, let me clarify why I’m even writing this post in the first place. I’ve got to know AMBSDR just a couple of weeks ago via ClickBank’s email (blast). It was a perfectly sales-pitched email copy which I can’t resist to sign up for the JV (joint venture) to promote AMBSDR and check out its “conversion rate” :

AMBSDR at ClickBank

With an average commission per conversion of over $1k+, my gosh this is one of the highest I’ve seen. Naturally I joined/applied in the blink of eyes to have a chance to promote this mega product. And hurray, I’m accepted into their whitelist a couple of days back and now I can start to take actions …

But after this post, I may have a high chance to be in their blacklist instead, lol. Anyway, I’m just here providing my critical review and verdict for this program.

The real sharing I hope to achieve via this post is more on how to do a non-biased analytical review to determine if this (or the next) “silver bullet” is the one for you and will help you rake in the online money that you’d hope for.

With the perspective set above, let’s dive straight into … other people’s reviews – starting with/from TrustPilot :

Trustpilot reviews on AMBSDR

It has a 4.2-star (over 5) from 59 ratings as of this point of writing. Not bad – anything above 4-star is good enough not to raise the red flag for a start.

Like I said, this is a critical review of the reviews – so let’s focus on the 1-star first :

Spare some time to read the above … frankly, they appear genuine to me and I can feel their grunts … all because I had been in this situation before too – getting too hyped up, hope rising above the cloud, dreaming of the financial freedom this (silver bullet) will bring me … then months passed, no result … must be I didn’t try hard enough, try harder, burning more monies buying into upgrades, VIP group, one-to-one and “all the craps” … still no result … doubts kicked in – maybe I don’t have the cut, those guys are so much luckier than me … this can spiral on and on …

What comes next is … like my previous post’s title – Quiet Quitting. And embarrassed that one has spent so much but achieved nothing … guess what – those that failed will choose to “resign to fate” and remain silent. So if I will to guess, those 1-star reviews above, there could be much much more as there will be many other who feel too painful to even share their 1-star reviews. So, kudos to those who have take their time (and gut; perhaps anger) to share those “negative” reviews.

Now, there’s always a second side of the coin. To be fair, let’s check out the overwhelming 84% of 5-star reviews here. Again, spare some time to go through (some of) them … they are flooded with positive and encouraging reviews … BUT (that’s a ALL CAPITAL BUT) read closely … READ CLOSER damned it (pardon me) … literally most are like “Oh, I’m so excited to join AMBSDR …”, ” … everything is looking so good …”, “I’m hoping to earn $X-k in X …” … so much positive comments and vibes … BUT hardly anyone is earning a decent, or should I say SUSTAINABLE, income and real monies … it’s very much like everyone is still learning (yet to earning) and trying … and excited … and more recommendations, tools, spendings … bigger stake … falling into this sunk cost fallacy.

But there are indeed hundreds that you know in the community that are earning big bucks – 5 or even 6-figure monthly … Chris is confirmed that 7-figure earner (no hard feeling Chris; you deserved that especially the way you mega launch it this way, hats off). That, I got no argument. And I’m very sure there will be very high income earners in AMBSDR … let me guess, there are at least 200-400+ of these super affiliates in AMBSDR – according to Pareto Principle 😉

Is my guess above correct? Alright, I don’t know. But based on this screenshot that I’ve found online …

… with their current 2-3K members and based on Pareto Principle’s 80/20 or 90/10 where only 10-20% will make it, that’s why I’m guessing (repeat, guessing) there could be 200-400+ really high income takers, in addition to the highly enthusiastic and motivated members that are joining in minutes, there will be no lack of “life-changing” positive reviews.

But read through those reviews and comments closely – how many really are making good steady income, what’s your odds (against Pareto Principle) that you’ll be the next to celebrate financial abundance, is “you can start to make tons of money next month(s)” really realistic?

I’m sorry. If you’re still reading now, chances are my feedback above might have crush your … no, it’s OUR dream! Just that with many years of chasing from one silver bullet to the next, I’ve learnt to be more critical in programs like this – where literally everyone is hailing and selling the program itself and not focusing if the actual program/product can really achieve what it claimed to be.

So, is Chris Luck’s AMBSDR worth it? Well, you know my answer since the first paragraph of this post.

So, is AMBSDR a scam? Hell, NO. As in, NO – AMBSDR is NOT a scam either. This is equivalent to asking if the University is a scam – of course not. Does graduating from university guarantee success? No either.

In fact, I’ve the luxury to peek at the insider member area of AMBSDR … what I can say is those contents or what you can learn from AMBSDR is highly valuable … apart the “value” (or cost) to get into AMBSDR is also too “high” (~USD2k; no wonder the affiliate commission is so high).

AMBSDR is power packed with tons and truckloads of information … if I’d just use 2 words to describe its essence … they are AFFILIATE and AUTHORITY – it’s about building high authority niche blog and monetise via affiliate/brand marketing. But to say a newbie can join its program, learn and start making eye-popping income in months? I’m not that sure … it took me more than a decade building dozens of websites to really know how to do those stuff proficiently.

So again, AMBSDR is definitely not a scam. Just that in program like this, it’s kind of like multi-level marketing, those early top super affiliates (aka pioneers) will be there to reap the golds but the concern is what if you’re a newbie – realistically, it’ll take quite some time (years; including practical handson) to acquire enough skillsets to make it work. Yes, we could outsource – but there again will cost you more … and still no guarantee there will be success.

IMHO, the best way to be successful in this is to FAIL : F – Focus, A – Actions with IL – Intensive Learning.

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