MailPoet (Best Autoresponder Plugin) Just Got Even Better With Its New Beta

Just two posts earlier I have recommended MailPoet (best autoresponder plugin) as the best way to implement autoresponder in any e-project or website. Now, MailPoet just got even better with its new version 3 beta release.

“Best Autoresponder Plugin”

Without any delay, I’ve spontaneously switched to this latest version 3 (beta).

Here’s the major improvements in store for MailPoet version 3 :

– It will offer its own email sending service; yes, MailPoet is going to be an ESP (email service provider) and I believe it will be a great contender in the autoresponder market.

– It offers better 3rd party ESP integration. I’m currently trying to integrate Amazon SES into MailPoet. This is going to bring my email sending cost to the lowest as Amazon SES is charging $0.10 for 1000 emails sent! This is way lower than Aweber ($19pm) and GetResponse ($15pm). Not to forget (free) MailChimp though include some limitations – affiliate marketing not allowed and cost increases rather significantly beyond the free 2000 subscribers 12000 emails for free account.

– Most importantly, additional Forms menu under MailPoet tab in Dashboard which allows custom CSS styles.

Ref :

Updated (31 Dec 2016) : I’ve successfully integrated Amazon SES to MailPoet and edited the opt-in form CSS.

Updaated (22 Feb 2017) : I’ve reverted back to the stable MailPoet Newsletter plugin as the new MailPoet (beta) is giving me truckloads of Unconfirmed spam signups despite trying ways to stop it. Also trying out SendGrid instead.



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