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Been busy with work lately and had not been posting. Finally, it’s time of the year that I can take a breather. Aside from racking my brain to come up with lengthy posts on specific subjects, I’ll occasionally sprinkle my posts with quick rants and buzz on thoughts running in-between my ears and projects I’m dwelling in.


Last night on 焦点 (Focus, Channel 8) talked about Bitcoin’s jump to its highest point ie. $11,000! Wow, I’ve no idea what this crypto currency is about but its rapid climb from just a hundred to current thousands in a short time span couldn’t help but trigger my (or anyone) interest in this “potentially” one of the “best” investment opportunities – or is it a scam/bubble?

One thing’s for sure though. From the investment knowledge and discipline I’ve cultivated throughout the years, if something rise too fast from something that I couldn’t quite understand and there’s nothing concrete, in terms of business or products or services, I’d run far away from this type of extremely speculative bandwagon.

True, I could have missed something … big, or once in a lifetime, thingy here. But one shouldn’t simply jump into any investment vehicle with zero understand how exact the whole thing work nor just “hoping” your hundreds will turn into millions with you doing nothing. The old sayings ultimately still make sense – “When it’s too good to be true …”, “There’s no free lunch in the world …”.

Still, it would be interesting to see how this Bitcoin saga evolves. Will you be jumping in?


Ouched, my iOS app for SgMyLIVE was taken down. One thing about iOS app is that it’ll just “depreciate” when there’s an OS upgrade. Well, this will be one of my priorities this month to revive my iOS version of my SgMyLIVE app.

The cool thing about this project is that it is growing relatively well without any advertising or actual SEO – anyway, I “screwed” up the keywords for this project. Gotta really focus on getting this project back to track. And that include properly monetisation.

My Learning Portal

This is my #1 core project currently. And to be able to focus on this project, I’ve pushed away a handful of web development projects – small and big. Good. That means there’ll be “no turning back” for me except to make this work out, sort of like what Art of War put it – sometimes, you’ve got to “burn the bridge” in order to succeed.

Anyway, this is definitely not a blind-faith move to make this my core project. In fact, I should have done this long time ago as after much time in re-organisation and restructuring my online plan, this learning portal project will act as an anchor or central for subsequent projects in the pipeline.

The conclusion? Especially for those hitting the big 4 or 5, there’s an old saying not to teach old dogs new tricks. So, do what you do best and do it consistently, success will follow.

P.S. Due to limited time, I can only work with a (very) small handful of serious solopreneurs. Hence, please contact me when you really have a concrete and feasible business plan! Only then can I help you to dominate your niche online!

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