Web Development Services To Restructure and Resume Mid Next Year

I’ve recently decommissioned premium.webservices.sg and “migrated” my web development and services to https://dev.willtan.com.

In recent months, I’ve also sold some of my established websites and discontinued a handful of domains/projects. The main reason? To focus and funnel the projects to WillTan.com with my learning portal https://learn.willtan.com being the core project which I’ll devote most of my time on it.

The key question now is when will I resume my web development services? As of now, I’d anticipated to relaunch my restructured web development and services some time in June next year.

P.S. Due to limited time, I can only work with a (very) small handful of serious solopreneurs. Hence, please contact me when you really have a concrete and feasible business plan! Only then can I help you to dominate your niche online!

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  • Are you a serious solopreneur?
  • Do you have a concrete business plan?
  • Are you 100% committed to your business?