Newbie’s Handbook on WordPress Development

WordPress was once nothing more than a blogging system, but throughout the years, it has definitely evolved into a lot more than that due to the thousands of widgets, plugins and themes. Nowadays, WordPress is used as content management system that provides bloggers and developers with everything they need, all in one place.

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is web software that is chosen by many in order to create vastly functional blogs or websites. One of the main reasons why most bloggers and web developers turn to WordPress is because even with unlimited features on it, it is absolutely free of cost.

WordPress Development

web developmentWhat a lot of people, especially beginners, don’t realize is that WordPress development is nowhere near the word ‘easy’. It takes a lot of determination, energy and time if you really want to master it. Even when you’ve understood the basics, you’re still going to need a whole lot of practice before you can call yourself an expert WordPress developer.

Even though it is a complicated task to master, it can be done with enough determination and time due to the fact that WordPress is highly beginner friendly. How much you really need to learn about WordPress and its development depends upon how much you already know.

Learn the Languages

HTML and PHP are two of the basic codes that are used in the creation of all websites, and so they are essential for you to know in order to understand WordPress development. HTML is used to create the basic body and structure of a website and helps you add text, images, videos and any other content that you need added to your website.

On the other hand, PHP is responsible for adding graphics, changes and movement to your website using the data you feed into it. PHP decides what to show you by deciding what to present to the HTML.

Now that you’ve understood the actual difference between PHP and HTML, it is important that you master PHP, along with other coding languages such as CSS and JavaScript, which are essential for creating websites. These are languages that programmers understand and speak fluently.


Once you’re done with the most basic thing, i.e., learning the languages, the rest of the things regarding WordPress development are pretty much simple and do not require too much of your time. The next step would be to choose a theme for your website. This is what’s going to make your website stand out among the rest, and attract traffic too, so dedicate enough time to choose a suitable but unique theme. WordPress offers thousands of themes so you are sure to find one that you like.


Plugins have the capability to transform an ordinary page to any platform that you want, such as a social network or forum. You will be able to modify and make any necessary changes with the plugins, as they give you complete power to do so over all aspects of WordPress. WordPress also has its own directory of over 40,000 plugins for you to choose from.

Once you’re done mastering the languages, themes and plugins within WordPress, you have learned the basics of WordPress development. Now you can move on to creating a website for yourself easily. However, if you’re still confused, you can reach out to WordPress’s community which consists of over thousands of volunteers around the world that can help you out in your venture.

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