Top 3 Web Development Tools in 2017

Web designing and development is as easy as making perfect half-fried eggs, sunny-side up—which is to say that it’s really not as easy as it looks. Regardless of what most people believe, without the right guidance and tools, web development is anything but a piece of cake, and if you’re new to the technical world, you have a lot to learn.

However, the good part is that the world of web design software barely comes to a halt as web developers constantly work to ensure that the process of building your own website, and other web related projects, is a lot easier and simpler.

The purpose of web development tools is to enable creation, editing and updating of web pages with as minimal difficulty as possible, irrespective of whether the web designer is new to the system, or a professional.

With such a vast variety of web development software available over the internet, finding the perfect one might seem like a bit of a hassle. There are various tools, some of which have everything combined in one place so you don’t have to look elsewhere, but they might charge a price to give you access to the full content—which can either be a monthly subscription or an yearly one.

To help narrow down the search for you, we’ve taken it upon us to list the top 3 best web development software that are easy to use, yet give you what you’re looking. Here are the top 3 in our list:

1.    Skitch

If you’ve heard or used the note-taking application called Evernote, then you might have heard of Skitch before. Skitch is an app that allows you to collaborate and visually communicate ideas. Other than the fact that you can use Skitch on 3 platforms—your personal computer, phone or tablet—the feature that makes it stand out the most is the ability to create quick sketches in just a matter of minutes. Skitch offers various plans—the basic plan being for free, and the premium plans start at $24.99 yearly.

2.    Webflow

Webflow is devised to help you design receptive websites, while offering everything you need on one platform. With Webflow, you can either begin with a blank canvas if you want to maintain control over all the aspects of the website, or you can pick a template from a variety of choices to get a speed bump. Webflow also offers drag and drop features to create interactive designs as animated designs without having to write codes. You can design one project for free, the premium plans start at $16 monthly.

3.    Marvel

With Marvel, you can create interactive prototypes using your web browser. You can also create sketches on pen and paper or add images using Adobe Photoshop. It only takes a few clicks for you to convert your designs into interactive web and mobile prototypes. It is free for three projects, while the paid plans start at $15 per month.

Web development tools must be chosen wisely, especially if you wish to buy them. These tools are essential to web designing and for the creation of your own website. With the right kind of software, doing a lengthy and expensive course should be the least of your worries.

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