RankMe Review – Disappointed With Its Accuracy & Doubtful Of Its Effectiveness

My final verdict for this RankMe review – Give it a skip!


Seriously, this is not the usual (search engine) top ranking pages with titles in the likes of “RankMe Review – Don’t Buy; Until You See My Bonuses”; such titles have one thing in common – to catch your attention. Why? Because you’re obviously interested in the product, that’s why you’re looking at its reviews. And titles like “Don’t Buy …” will definitely catch your attention.

And when you click through to see the actual reviews, you’ll realised they are simply rehashed same old information like the actual product’s sales page … of course, they will end up with something like 8-9.5 stars (out of 10) verdict and, without fail, come along with their affiliate links. Yes, some throw in “incredible” bonuses (usually infoproducts with MRR, PLR etc.).

Well, so if you’ll to ask on my actual score for RankMe, it’s a 3/10! Really, no joke, I don't even bother to put any affiliate link in this page.

RankMe Review

Vendor :

Radu Hahaianu

Frontend URL :

Price :


Launch Date :

11 May 2018

Rating :

Recommendation :

Don't buy; give it a skip

In recent weeks, I realised there are a couple of products released that are SEO/content related. Namely, we’ve the WP Auto Content plugin by Ankur Shukla launched early May and RankMe by Radu Hahaianu in the same month.

Knowing the importance of SEO and gruelling difficulty to come out with good quality fresh content, I’ve decided to give RankMe a try (I’ve acquired the Pro version).

Let me first account why I’ve opted to purchased RankMe. It’s all because this RankMe video :-

Having used quite a handful of keyword analysis tools such as Market Samurai, Long Tail Pro etc., I’ve always been at a lookout for even better and simpler tools to make this critical step (of keyword analysis) easier and faster.

The (above) video first showcased the keyword “fat” (0:35s of the video) and in split seconds, it show the amount of local/global searches for the keyword term, click through rate, ranking difficulty etc. Wow, this ought to be the fastest and simplest keyword research tool I’ve seen.

But when I purchased and logged in to RankMe and try to perform keyword analysis for one of my projects – I’m utterly disappointed and begin to cast doubt on its accuracy and authority. Check out this video on why I’m regretted my purchase of RankMe :

So there you have it. I regretted purchasing it is because of the discrepancy in search results, especially for local searches, which is an important online strategy for me.

So if you're planning to get RankMe to have that extra edge in your keyword analysis and thereby online success, well, you can give it a miss!

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