Learning The Best Programming Language … With WP Dev Suite

Which Is The Best Programming Language For Me To Learn?

For many years, I’ve been contemplating to dive in deep to learn the best programming language. With a big array of programming languages, the question is, which is the best one to start picking up?

The answer to choosing the best programming language to acquire is, in fact, a very relative one. Depending on your scope, requirement and usage of the application you are trying to develop, the “best” programming language might differ.

So, let me first define my scope and objective – I am more into learning a good programming language that is more geared towards the web. After all, I’m primarily a web developer.

I’m also concerned that the particular programming language that I’m to learn will not easily “dies off” or get obsolete in like 2-year time.

More importantly, the programming language that I’m committed to pick up must also give great potential in terms of profitability and ROI.

So, as usual, after intensive online research in Google, I’ve got an ascertained answer, as of the best programming language to learn, at none other than the authority Stack Overflow.

The Developer Survey Results (2018) are very interesting – if you have any intention to be a programmer or simply just want to learn a new programming language, it is a must read!

Zooming into the results for Most Popular Technologies – Programming, Scripting and Markup Languages – my answer is ascertained.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”thumbs-up” wrap=”h2″] And with this post, I hereby officially announce – I WILL BE LEARNING JAVASCRIPTS! (GEARING TOWARDS WORDPRESS PLUGIN DEVELOPMENT).

So you see. I’m actually using this post to pledge myself in committing to picking up Javascript (& WordPress Plugin Development) … and thank you in advance for being my witness. Even better, why not you join me too 🙂

Now, in the first place, why I narrowed down to Javascript? And why particularly WordPress Plugins Development? The answer is simple – it got the highest 2 Ps – Potential & Profitability!

WordPress is the #1 CMS and PLUGINS are the key contributors to that. While WordPress Themes take care of the visual aesthetic aspect of the sites, plugins are the ones that make websites functional and versatile.

Okay, great, I’ve identified the programming language (and direction; focusing on plugins development). Now the next important question – how/where to learn it?!

Get it at Udemy? Go buy a good book on it? Or maybe just jump into WordPress’s Codex? In fact, I’ve got them all but …. Udemy’s video tutorials are creating the monster zzZ in me. Book is too thick and I’d always had a hard time going pass Hello World. Diving into codex and online documentation drowned me.

Knowing my own learning style, I’ll learn faster and better by looking at examples. Further research online leads me to … drum roll …..WP Dev Suite!

Disclaimer : At the point of writing, I’ve yet to acquire WP Dev Suite yet. But definitely will be getting it sometime this week.

The question now is – why WP Dev Suite? Is it the best way to learn Javascript (and Plugins Development)? IMHO, yes, at least for me. Or rather, I think we should all learn programming this way … by examples.

Now, the main idea of WP Dev Suite is of course you can be a plugin “developer” literally instantly by rebranding a library of 50+ plugins. Of course, you can’t possibly be termed yourself as a true blue plugin developer by doing that.

But we with these plugins templates, it will be so much easier to pick up all those plugin codings … it’s like learning to code by modelling from working codes.

Plus, WP Dev Suite also comes with the WP Master Developer, which they claimed to be World’s #1 WordPress Code Editor, that we can use to edit and refine those library plugins – this, to me, should be the right way, if not the best, to learn plugin development.

Even more, it’s actually one of the bonuses that come along with it that caught my attention – Learning Programming : From Novice to Javascript Guru in 2-Week video course. (I know no one can be a “guru” of anything in 2-week, but I quite like the exaggeration here). This will be one of my main focuses when I acquire the package.

And being highly open to outsourcing, the second bonus – Fail-Safe Plugin Outsourcing, affirmed my decision to get WP Dev Suite.

I’ll be back here to post on my actual review of WP Dev Suite … but that may not be anytime soon. Meanwhile, wish me happy learning and I really hope I can come back then to proudly announce to you – I’m a Javascript programmer cum plugin developer!

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