One Little Blogging Trick To Skyrocket Your Online Marketing Conversion

If you’re not having that online marketing conversion and making much money from your blog or your website or you’re having a tough time getting people to click on a sales link in your emails, chances are, you are missing one simple blogging trick. You are overlooking one powerful technique that can really blow up your online income. You have to remember, if you want to make money online, traffic is just part of the equation. If you drive all the traffic in the world to a sales page that completely sucks, chances are, you’re not going to make much money. Chances are, you’re going to waste all that time, effort and money you spent trying to drive all that traffic. It’s like trying to fish with the most expensive fishing pole, reel and fishing line and other high quality, expensive gear but forgetting to put bait on your hook. How ridiculous is that?

onlinemarketingconversionThe sad reality is that whether you are blogging or you own a website or you own an e-commerce site or you own a landing page trying to get email subscribers, if you don’t use this one little trick, you are failing miserably. You are settling for results that you shouldn’t be settling for. Your online business is capable of much more. This “overlook”, unfortunately, make you leave a lot of money on the table. What technique am I talking about? It’s very simple. You forgot to tell a story. That’s right, telling a story can blow up your online marketing conversions. Why? It triggers the classic sales sequence. Regardless of what niche you’re in, regardless of what audience you’re trying to target, and regardless of what specialized content you’re using, if you want to make money online, you have to follow this classic sales sequence: KNOW-LIKE-TRUST-BUY. Let me repeat that again: KNOW-LIKE-TRUST-BUY. If your content doesn’t trigger that sequence, nobody’s going to buy from you. Whatever sales that you are making now is just a fraction of what you could be making if you are telling a compelling story. Here is how effective story telling can help you explode your online marketing conversion.

Stories get your audience to know you

When you tell a short story or you blend in a story into your blog post, articles, landing pages or email updates, you give your audience members an opportunity to know you. In other words, you get on their intellectual and emotional radar. When you tell a story, you increase your chances of getting noticed. Why? Human beings relate to experiences. The human experience is exactly that-it’s an experience. It is a series of stories. When we look at a story, we relate it to a story that we ourselves are living or have lived through. That’s how powerful stories are. It gets through the heart of the human condition.

Unfortunately, bloggers that are just blogging to make money online or article marketers and content marketers that are just trying to make quick and easy money don’t bother telling a story. They think that just because a person is interested in a particular topic, as long as tell them some basic information about that topic, that person will automatically pay attention to their sales page. It doesn’t work that way. That approach fails miserably. You are trying to approach your target audience like a paycheck when, deep down, they want to be approached as human beings. How do you do this? You tell a story. You tell a narrative that appeals to them on a human to human basis. Storytelling will get your message noticed. A publishing garbage may work sometimes, but it definitely doesn’t work enough to make it work for a while. You have to tell stories to get people curious, to get people excited, and most importantly, to get people to identify with you. The first step in having that person buy from you is for that person to want to know you. Stories open the door to the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST-BUY process.

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