How To Outsource Article Writing – Guidelines For Your Ghostwriters

Outsource article writing is one online strategy I often do. Seriously, not just articles and contents. You basically have to outsource as much things as you can to scale up and save your time. But for this post, we will focus on how to communicate with the ghostwriters and setting guidelines for them so that they will write good contents for us.

Favourite resources to get my ghostwriters are from the Warrior Forum and HireWriters. No matter where you got hold of your ghostwriters, it is essential to set good guidelines to ensure article quality.

Here’s the template guidelines you can include in your article project description to filter out the better, more sincere, ghostwriters to achieve much better article quality :


Article Title : Should you hire a freelance web designer?

Please do not take up this job if you are not sincere to write good article. Thanks.

Gist of article : To convince one to outsource web development to good web designer and focus on their business. Hence, cover the essence and traits of a good web designer.

– Content must be unique; no plagiarism
– Content must be engaging and easy to read
– Perfect English, spelling and grammar are important
– Content that does not meet the above standard will be denied

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