Singapore Identifies AI, IoT As Emerging Key Skillsets

Indeed, AI and IoT are the buzzwords when it comes to skill upgrading (aka upskilling). The myth about learning and keeping pace with these “highly technical” topics is that they are very hard to learn and that you’d need specialised skill ie. programming in order to start. But the truth is that you do not really need to know 100% of the knowledge you’re trying to acquire. Instead, just learning (or increasing the awareness) 20% of the topics generally will satisfy 80% of what you need out of learning the extra skillsets. Yes, yesterday could be the best time for you to start learning. But the next best time is …. right now …

Singapore has earmarked Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and artificial intelligence (AI) amongst key technology trends it believes will drive demand for skillsets over the next three to five years. Roles in infrastructure and operations, however, are at risk of displacement and will require reskilling as they […]

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