The 5 Modes Of Using AI Tools To Make Money

How do we make money with the array of AI tools available in the market right now?

Here are the 5 modes we could create a good (side) income leveraging on AI tools :

  1. Lazy Mode
  2. Value Mode
  3. Freelancing Mode
  4. Business Mode
  5. Founder Mode

The Lazy Mode

Also known as the easy mode. An example of this mode is direct using of AI tool like ChatGPT or AI writer to generate content for your blog.

We can then let it also draft the content for each sub-sections :

Once the full article is done, you can simply post it to your blog after minor edits and fact checks. There you go, free content on your blog which you can monetize with AdSense and promoting affiliate products.

This method requires the least effort. However, this may not be a good method as there are AI tools out there that will detect whether your content is AI generated :

To overcome this, you can rewrite the initial AI generated content with article rewriter ie.

However, these rewriters merely replace and paraphrase the wordings – which generally give the concern about readability.

The good thing is that we now have advanced AI writers that deploy semantic models like natural language processing (NLP) that even optimize the content for SEO and search engine ranking (SERP) … this bring us to …

The Value Mode

As the name implies, we value-add in this mode. For example, we could use the blog post outlines suggested by ChatGPT as a starting point for us to start writing – it’s definitely much better than staring at a white canvas of screen.

Instead of using the output from ChatGPT in its raw text answers, a good way is to transform them from text-to-video with AI tools like Fliki.ai and Steve.ai. This way, your content will be much value-add and unique.

Freelancing Mode

In this mode, we leverage on AI tools to enhance our workflow and productivity so as to monetize by providing a service.

For example, we can use Wordplay.ai to produce long-form articles and use NeuronWriter to optimize them for SEO and provide this copywriting gigs on marketplace like Fiverr.

This mode typically require some learning curve to acquire the skillsets in order to use the tools well so as to leverage on them to earn you an income.

Business Mode

An example of this mode is my usage of AI generated artworks and images on my print-on-demand (POD) e-stores’ products like t-shirts, mugs and even jigsaw puzzles.

So essentially I’m leveraging these (text-to-image) AI tools to make my products stand out with their own amazing unique graphic design and artwork.

Check out this controversial art piece :

Jason Allen’s art created on Midjourney titled “Space Opera Theater”

This amazing visually stunning artwork is “created” (AI generated) by Jason Allen with Midjourney which helped him to win the Colorado State Fair art competition (digital art category). This sparked debates over the usage of AI in art.

As a matter of fact, it is not exactly easy to create such amazing or award winning artwork – having the right “prompts” (prompts are the texts you input to an AI platform ie. Midjourney) are critical in creating visually stunning artwork. There is even a website – https://promptbase.com/ that you can start to make money just by selling “prompts”.

In my opinion, AI tools are just … tools. As long as they are used in the right ethical way, it’s perfectly alright to monetize with them.

Founder Mode

Lastly, you can be the creator of AI tool(s)! Of course, this will require one to not only be technically competent, it requires an entrepreneurship mindset to create the right AI tools with demand and people willing to pay.

Now, this may be the most difficult mode – to be a creator or founder of an AI tool. And surely it’s not for everyone; but again, it is not impossible.

At times, all you need are 3 things to profit from this Founder mode are – (1) a good product idea, (2) funding and (3) outsourcing (having the right team) … probably also need the 4th X-factor … (4) great marketing … maybe even the 5th factor – Luck!


So, what are you waiting for? Join me in the journey to create a 5-figure side income by building a portfolio of online businesses with these AI tools. It’s not easy, but we definitely won’t regret starting this side hustle!

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