TL;DW – Travel Blog Hit $10K monthly with SEO

In this TL;DW episode, we’re going to extract the gists of Niche Pursuits podcast – This Travel Blogger Went From 0-$10k Per Month in 1 Year By Switching Her Blog’s Strategy to SEO.


Nina Clapperton is a solo female expat travel blogger. The podcast entails how she took her travel blog https://ninaoutandabout.ca/ from literally zero pageview per month to 100K pageviews within 1-year and how she is making over $10K+ per month currently!

TL;DW Key Takeaways

  • Initially targeting social media ie. Pinterest and Instagram but no success.
  • Decided to use SEO as the primary growth channel.
  • Set a goal to join Mediavine for ad revenue.
  • Went through a thorough content auditing process for her existing (180) blog posts. Does not hesitate to (mass) delete (30-50) posts and rewrite (reindex) old posts to ensure content quality.
  • Siloing or focusing on certain niches and really going in depth on those niche topics.
  • Building backlinks with guest posts.
  • Fixed internal linking (with Link Whisper) which helps in providing relevancy and SEO benefits. (Google actually encourages one to build internal links)
  • Fixed orphaned posts and optimizing anchor texts.
  • Internal linking for “in-built road map itinerary” rather than “abandoning” the visitors after reading your great article.
  • Shared her “People were doing it (making money online) so why not me” kind of mindset.
  • Also shared her seriousness and started treating it like a business and not just a hobby.
  • Took Mike Fuchsia’s SEO course – https://stupidsimpleseo.co/
  • Focus on keywords and data ie. low competition keywords, competitors analysis, metric tracking.
  • Possess an advantage being a freelance writer herself; hence, writing and content generation is generally easier and faster.
  • Diversified from Mediavine ad revenue with affiliate income.
  • Good thing about SEO is that even with (3) months of not posting anything, there is no significant traffic reduction.
  • Deployed email marketing; she got a dedicated (responsive) email list.
  • Setting up systems to have writers to scale up content generation.
  • Analysed existing top posts to refine site/content structure; recommended to look at top 10 posts and add in appropriate affiliate products.
  • Posting frequency : Publish a minimum of 2 posts every week; typically 10-20 posts a month.
  • Mining Quora, Reddit, Trip Advisor forum etc. for keyword research & competitor analysis.
  • Even write posts on “dumb” questions; as long they are low competition keywords.
  • Digged “golden” keywords by searching “mediavine privacy policy” related blogs for competitor analysis.
  • Created her own signature courses (SEO; travel niche) for further list building and monetization.

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