Thrive Leads Optin Forms

This is just a sample page (with sidebar) created to illustrate the various optin forms from Thrive Leads.

Lead Groups

Types of optin forms you can add here are :

  • In Content (in between paragraphs of a page/post)
  • Lightbox (Pop-up)
  • Post Footer (as implied; at footer of post)
  • Ribbon (ie. at topmost of the frontpage)
  • Screen Filler (overlay entire screen; can be rather “intrusive”)
  • Scroll Mat (ie. scrolling up from bottom)
  • Slide In (used in’s Blog index)
  • Widget (as demonstrated on this page’s right sidebar)
  • PHP Insert

See here for the description of the various types of optin forms.

Lead Shortcodes

This is like In Content (see above) but main intention is to have a shortcode ie. Thrive Leads Shortcode which you can insert manually and anywhere in post/page and it appear like this :

ThriveBox (2-Step Shortcodes)

This is kind of like the above Lead Shortcodes except it’s 2-step where visitors will first click on “hyperlinked” text or images to trigger an opt-in form ie.

Try click “Trigger goes here” or Hi image below to see how a 2-step ThriveBox looks like :

Signup Segue (1-click Signup Links)

This is useful if you’re creating a 1-click signup link integrated to external services like a webinar etc.