Top Reasons Why Being An EntrePloyee Is The Best Way To Escape The Rat Race

You can’t really find the term “entreployee” in any hardcopy or online dictionary. But if you take a closer look at the word – EntrePloyee – it will be relatively easy for you to guess – it’s being both Entrepreneur and Employee at the same time. I know. This is hard to swallow. How can you term as an “Entrepreneur” if you’re an “Employee” working for someone else? The real question is – Why not?! And here’s some good reasons why you should be an EntrePloyee :

1. Financially (more) stable. Yes, you enjoy best of both worlds. Being an employee, you have a regular monthly salary. With the “basic financial need” fulfilled, you will have a peace of mind to strike out as an “entrepreneur”. Of course, some businesses (in fact, most businesses) require full-time and commitment . That’s why there is (literally) only one way you can be an EntrePloyee – ONLINE. Yes, being an e-entrepreneur or starting an e-business need not really require you to quit your 9-5 job.

2. You will be a happier Employee. While many corporates/companies are promoting work-life-balance,  it surely don’t fall under the category of KPI. Striving out an e-business allow you to start creating a side income which, in a way, reducing both your financial and psychological stresses. You need not feel bad just because you’re getting a lower (performance) bonus. You ARE earning your own (performance) bonus which could be well more than your corporate bonus. You will be a happier (and wealthier) employee. In the event that you may be retrenched or “ask to leave”, you have a backup plan – something to fall back to without feeling entirely lost.

3. You are a more skillful employee. You’ll be picking up a lot of skills along the way to become an e-Entrepreneur. These skill sets and knowledge acquired will definitely increase your capability and versatility as an employee. You may an engineer or in the sales personnel but you now can also deploy webpages that rank well in the search engines or you just help your company hit the sales quota because you’re able to leverage on social marketing. Ironically, what you pick up trying to be an e-entrepreneur will help you become better employee that company values and there you are – getting promotions and higher (performance) bonus.

4. You are more creative, innovative and productive. You will learn to look at things from different angles. The mindset and foresight you will be acquiring while learning and trying to be an e-entrepreneur will change the way you think and do things – beneficial both to your entrepreneurial and corporate roles.

5. You will start to enjoy life. With the option to quit your day-time job (doesn’t mean you have to!), you will start to value TIME! So while you’re getting more effective and efficient, you will start to look at things beyond business and work. You’ll plan what you want, what to do, and with who. You will invest your time well and treasure being with family – after all, this should be one of the core reasons why you’re working so hard for.

Well, till now, it may sounds like a bed of roses. But being an EntrePloyee may not be for everyone! It’s tough! Good news is – when the goings get tough, the toughs get going. All one need to do, to be precise – the first thing to do, is to DECIDE to be one – ENTREPLOYEE! Then, throttle your PERSEVERANCE level sky-high and take CONSISTENT ACTIONS toward your goal to be one enjoyable and profitable EntrePloyee!

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