Augmented Reality Platforms – Choosing The Ultimate Winners

Choosing the right Augmented Reality Platforms to start learning and developing AR apps is of utmost important. This post will be periodically updated to provide you a comprehensive list of all the available augmented reality platforms. In no particular order, here’s the (non-exhaustive and ever-increasing) list of the augmented reality platforms :



The list gets longer than I’ve expected. I’ll be going through all of the above more thoroughly. To begin with, I’ll be reviewing on Junaio/Metaio – the first AR platform which I’ve started out. From my brief online research, I’m leaning towards acquiring another 2 AR platforms – Wikitude (because it was voted the “best” AR platform for 2 years) and Vuforia (because it’s from Qualcomm!). Nevertheless, I’ll be going through as many AR platforms I’ve listed above to at least reaffirm which platform(s) one should be acquiring to leverage on what AR has to offer.

If you have any other AR platform which is not listed above and you think it should be included, please let me know.

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