From GitMind To The Next Best Open Source Mindmapping

Been with GitMind for some time. Happily using this “free” web-based mindmapping tool until …

Ouched. Think I started with GitMind because it positioned itself as a “totally free” mindmapping SaaS tool previously … it was … as you can see from my screenshot above that even though I’m with the free account, I’d previously created more than 10 files (17 to be exact).

But now, to create more mindmap files, I would have to Upgrade :

For annual subscription, it’s only ~$4 monthly. Not exactly a high amount to pay. But somehow, since I’m considered an early adopter, I feel that the trust that I am (or will be “was”) with them was “abused” when the Upgrade popup just … popup right at my face.

My fault actually. At that time, I was googling for “free online mind mapping tool” and it didn’t took long before I started using GitMind. But guess everyone (or business) still got to feed the stomach.

Like I said, I don’t mind the low monthly subscription. But with many subscriptions (ie. hosting, essential plugins and tools etc.) that are already tapping on the wallet, I just don’t feel like adding another one.

This time round, my search terms geared more towards “open source mind mapping software” instead of using the word “free” – as I’m not interested in those offering free trials or free account with limitations.

And … drum roll … Wise Mapping!

Here’s where I found Wise Mapping – … just that the screenshot on the page does not do Wise Mapping justice though (which made it looks like a downloadable desktop software).

Now if you head straight to Wise Mapping, you’ll see :

So now this should be really free … reinstated by “Open Source”. Thought further down the page it says it got 2 options – Individual (which it stated it’s 100% Free; luckily) and Business/Education (need to contact them to qualify your school or company for free usage).

The more important part for me is that Wise Mapping is available online. Though I’m okay to download/install an open source desktop application, having this available online means I have the convenience to just use the browser on any PC or laptop and start mind mapping online anytime anywhere without hardware restriction.

In fact, as of this writing, I’ve already started to create my first mind map in Wise Mapping … and coincidentally, it’s entitled WISE – The Ultimate WEB INCOME SYSTEMATIC EXECUTION (WISE) Blueprint <== this will help me map out the mind map on how I’m going to “restructure” and what I’m going to share on so as to bring more value and golden nuggets to … you 🙂 So, stay tuned with me and I’ll see you on my next post.

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