This Amazing AI Tool Revived My Print-On-Demand e-Businesses

I recently acquired an amazing AI tool that literally revived a couple of my print-on-demand e-commerce sites selling stuff like t-shirts, mug, apparels, paintings and more.

The biggest problem I’m facing with these print-on-demand e-shops was graphic design! Although one of my e-shops allows customers to upload their own graphic for printing on the products, I believe most of the potential customers will fork out their credit cards primarily because they like the image or graphic printed on the merchandises.

Take my t-shirt print-on-demand project as an example – my original plan was to buy white-label t-shirt design bundles, but that would mean my t-shirt designs will not be exactly unique. Or I could outsource such creative design work to freelancers that I can scout on Fiverr, but then the cost and time commitment required stall my project to a standstill.

That’s until I acquired Graiphics – the amazing AI tool that in the like of Dall.E 2, Google Imagen and Midjourney, which all I need to do is to type in some texts (also known as prompts) ie. astronaut riding horse and you get image like this :

Now I may not be a professional graphic creator. But just by typing and converting the texts to images that are so … (this is the part I’m loss of words actually; but let me try nevertheless) … realistic, creative, unimaginable, unique, amazing … I could literally add “professional graphic design” into my resume any time, lol. In fact, the torture-like agonizing feeling I always had in graphic creation now actually become fun and interesting!

Kudos to Graiphics (I like the way they put “ai” in Gr”ai”phic; nice branding that’s easy to remember), you’ll be presented with a simple dashboard the moment you’re logged in :

As suggested by the first video that you see inside the dashboard, the best starting point is its Tutorials. Though there are only 10 video tutorials ranging from ~1-min to 7-min, they are more than adequate to show you how to maximise the usage of Graiphics.

I like the 2nd video (and a respective articles) on how to effectively create the texts/prompts for the more advanced Create for Graiphics.

For those who feel jumping into Create with prompts may be too daunting, there are Presets in 12 categories:

So now, other than the ability to create fantastic graphics for my t-shirts and e-commerce merchandise, I can also use Graiphics to create images and banners for my postings/articles and social media etc. In short, there is no more need for stock pictures subscription ie. 123RF and DepositPhotos anymore!

The good thing is the starting cost to use this AI tool is relatively affordable with low one-time investment which include 250 initial credits; pleasantly surprised to see 350 initial credits the first time I logged in.

As of writing this post, I’ve already used a dozen of credits in Graiphics to “test water” creating a couple of higher resolution images for one of my print-on-demand projects. But judging from the fun I’m having with this newly acquired text-to-image AI tool, I’d likely to go for the upgrade to monthly subscription ~$47pm to have unlimited credits to create quality images for all my other e-commerce and content sites.

In fact, Graiphics is not the only AI tool I’m using. Before this, I’ve also subscribed to an AI writer – Rytr. Want to check out how’s the quality of AI writing tool? Check out this post on https://willtan.com/high-income-skill-sets-that-are-worth-acquiring/ which 80% of the post was done by Rytr. For me, I’m totally impressed by AI writing tools as compared to my spin-rewriter I had used in the past.

My point is, I’m anticipating there will be more and more such practical and easy to use AI tools which we can use to increase our productivity and opportunity for online business growth.

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