Guilty As Charged – Chasing Bright Shiny Objects

None of us is spared from chasing those bright shiny objects – “Earn 5-Figure Guaranteed (or Money Back) With Our Autopilot System”, “Work At Home Mom/Dad Earned $XX,XXX Monthly Effortlessly”, “Rank Your Website To #1 In Google With This Secret Loophole” …

If you’ve dived into learning internet marketing, you’d definitely seen ad copies like those above. Chances are, you have hopped on to a couple of them – I’m guilty as charged too! But it’s worth to give it a try, what if it works … I could be enjoying vacation instead of slogging at work, it’s just a low investment with such potential monetary rewards …

The antidote to chasing these shiny objects relentlessly? It’s this Shane’s video :

Don’t ask “do I want the money and lifestyle this business opportunity promises?” Instead, ask: “what will my day-to-day look like, in this business? Is it aligned with my strengths and goals?”

Seriously, think about the day-to-day tasks you’ll be doing … a while ago, FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) was/is one of the darlings with many FBA sellers earning 6 or even 7-figure revenue … yes, look closer, it’s revenue! Not profit. Imagine the daily tasks to manage those inventories, shipping, customer service, refunds …. NO! I don’t want my day-to-day to be like that. Pass! Next? That’s right, always consider the day-to-day.

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