Working 24/7? How to Avoid e-Biz Burnout and Live a (Normal) Life Without Financial Worries

No doubt – Internet allows you to run your e-Biz 24/7. But how can you avoid actual physical e-biz burnout and yet start a thriving e-business to achieve your dream to live a good life without financial worries.

BurnoutIt’s easy to get carried away. You have a big idea and it excites you, so you pour hundreds of hours of your life into creating the e-business – your dream and vehicle to financial independence. Sometimes, especially in those early, pre-launch days, you go for extended periods without sleep. Without even remembering to eat, but you tell yourself that it’s okay, because after the launch you’ll be able to slow down and taste the sweet fruit of success.

But when the launch happens, you find yourself faced with new challenges, so you keep going at that frantic pace. There’s always more to do, more to build, customers to respond to. It’s never ending.


Even if you only stop for as long as it takes to read the rest of this article, take a deep breath and relax for just a little while.

The problem with the above scenario is that it puts you on a dangerous treadmill. It’s dangerous because the speed of the treadmill will never stop increasing, and if you stay on it, the day is going to come when it will throw you off. You’ll either burn yourself out mentally or physically (or both), and then you won’t be able to continue.

You can avoid that by remembering that we work to live, we don’t live to work.

The single best thing you can do for yourself is to carve out some time just for you and your family.  An hour in the morning to exercise and meditate.  Two hours for lunch to eat and learn something new, and several hours in the evening to spend with your family. This “carved out” time is yours, and you should treat it as absolutely sacred. Your business will still be there when you get back to it, and even better, by forcing yourself to step away at regular intervals, you’ll find that you are more focused and energized, thus better able to solve any problems that might arise day to day.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Work-Life Balance,” and the above describes the essence of that idea. The advantages of taking a little time for you and your family are immense, and will pay you handsome dividends in ways you probably never even imagined. If you’re skeptical, then I would ask you to perform a two week long experiment. When you reach the end of this page, carve out some time for yourself every day, just as outlined above. Try it for two full weeks and judge for yourself if you’re not more alert, aware and productive while you’re working!

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