How To Create Web Forms With File Upload – Can Google Form Do That?

There will be times where you need to create web forms that include file upload. In other words, you would want to include the function in a web form which allow the users to attach or upload file such as .zip, documents or JPEG images.

Unfortunately, this file upload feature is not readily available in the versatile and free Google Form. Yes, you could include such feature by using the Google App approach but this will involve coding integration that might just prove to be technically too difficult for most.

Luckily, there are great tools and resources out there that patch up this gap in Google Form. Check out Form+. Form+ allows you to easily create web forms that include file upload feature. The free version of Form+ allows you to create 1 form with up to 15 responses per month. Of course, there are upgrades which allow you to create more forms and get more responses monthly. Nevertheless, if you do not foresee more than 15 entries monthly, Form+ is the easiest way to include file upload feature in web form.

I like Form+. Very easy to use. But not satisfy with its free account limitation of 15 responses per month, I’ve spent more time performing online research and that’s when I come across … drumroll … JotForm – essentially also known as Dropbox Form.


Like Form+, JotForm is another drag-n-drop web form creator which allows file upload. As you can see, JotForm includes an Integration Wizard which allow you to integrate Paypal, Google Drive, Google Spreadsheets and Dropbox.

The plus side of JotForm is that the free account allows you to solicit up to 100 responses monthly with 100MB available space. And if you integrate this to your Dropbox, you can bypass this 100MB space limit since the submissions will be stored in your Dropbox instead.



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