Writing Content That Mesmerize Your Audience

Lately, I’ve put serious analysis and refining my content generation system.

One thing’s for sure – in order for our content publishing and marketing to be efficient and effective, we’d need a SYSTEM (Save Yourself Some Time, Effort & Money).

While I’m still refining this content outreach blueprint, I’m so glad to have come across this article by Marisa Murgatroyd.

It’s a good read!

Too often while coming out with a system – it is too … systematic.

Marisa’s post came at the right time to remind me on the real essence of why we’re trying to push out content – to share, to connect … with emotion.

“Marisa, are you having fun writing this?” It was a curveball question that I wasn’t expecting, especially from my editor. I sat there stunned. I remember thinking, “Is work supposed to be fun?” I even wondered if it was some kind of trap. Maybe he was expecting me to […]

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