Learning Portal Migrated and Merged Into WillTan.com

Finally, I’ve completed the migration of Learn@WillTan.com, formally at https://learn.willtan.com, and now “merged” into the main site WillTan.com as https://willtan.com/learn.

“What’s the diff?!” Formally, learn.willtan.com is on a sub-domain; it is literally a WordPress site on its own. And the main site WillTan.com is another WordPress. In short, I’ll have to maintain 2 generally separate WordPress sites and, technically speaking, 2 autoresponders!

Now, that the new learning portal is migrated and merged under https://willtan.com/learn, any new buyer of any e-course ie. The Ultimate Autoresponder System will be pumped into a single autoresponder list which is so much easier for me to consolidate and manage my lists and newsletters broadcast.

I’ve also completed the migration of the Users from the formal learning portal to the main site; so, previous Customers will/should be able to access the e-course(s) that is/are purchased.

If in case existing Customers experienced any difficulty in logging in or accessing the purchased e-course(s), do submit a support ticket over at (also a new) Support @ https://willtan.com/support

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