Setting Up Your First Website e-Course Is Ready

If you’re setting up and building your own live website for the very first time, this e-course is for you!

Now, while it may not be exactly that technically tedious to set up website, it may/will be if it’s the very first one.

This e-course will cover :

  • Part I – What You Need To Have A Live Website
  • Part II – Creating Your First Website with cPanel

Part I covers the 2 main elements you’d need for a live website – domain name and hosting; how to acquire them and how to set them up and “inter-link” them properly. This happened to be the “most technically challenging/confusing” especially for the first-time website creator – but not anymore, as Part I of the e-course will clear all the obstacles.

And Part II covers the essentials on how to use hosting cPanel’s software installer to actually create the website (WordPress).

So, if you’d wanted to learn and set up your very first website all by yourself, enrol yourself into this free e-course!


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