One Of The Best Video Tutorials On Looker Studio (Formerly Data Studio)

I started to use Google’s Data Studio (now rebranded to Looker Studio) about a month back. That’s after I’ve been using PowerBI for about half a year. The reason why I jumped ship from Power BI to Looker Studio is because I’m more looking into website data and statistics which Looker Studio offers direct data visualisation with Google Analytics 4, YouTube etc. and it’s so much easier to share the visuals as compared to PowerBI (which you’d need a paid subscription to share online).

So as usual, after I’ve logged into Looker Studio for the first time and self-explore for an hour or so, I habitually proceed to YouTube to see if there are any good tutorials to speed up my using of Looker Studio. Then I soon come to this one which I’m sharing here :

She might be young, but she teaches very well … rather systematic and most importantly, her voice is kind of soothing, haha. Anyway, just go ahead to acquire this highly valued and highly practical data visualisation and analysis skill set … with Looker Studio.

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