Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

In this TL;DW (TL;DW – Too Long; Didn’t Watch) episode, we’ll be dissecting into this YouTube video by Ahrefs on – Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites to Learn From.

Here’s the original YouTube video :

The original video above is 10-minute and 42-second.

Here’s the TL;DW version which I extract the key takeaways in exact 4-minute :

The 4 successful affiliate marketing websites covered here are :

And here’s the ultra TL;DR version / summary with 3 important takeaways :

  • Be creative; stand out of the crowd with your own USP (Unique Selling Preposition) – What make you so special that others will come/by to/from you instead of your competitors.
  • Focus on building your own targeted audience (community); this will be your most valuable virtual asset.
  • Conquer your niche or build your authority with quality content!

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